Glenn Beck Blasts #NeverTrump Convention Coup Plotters: ‘The Time to Defeat Trump Was in the Primary’


Glenn Beck, a fierce critic of the GOP’s presumptive nominee Donald Trump, denounced efforts by members of the #NeverTrump movement to steal the nomination from Trump at the Republican convention.

Linking on his Facebook page to an article titled “Cruz Staffers Plan Coup At Convention,” Beck, who endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the primary, wrote, “This won’t happen, nor should it. The time to defeat trump was in the primary.”

Beck’s entire post reads:

This won’t happen, nor should it. The time to defeat trump was in the primary.

I have said since the beginning, if the GOP changes the rules to allow some trick, on ANY candidate it will lead to the end of the party and possibly to the kindling of a civil war, God Forbid.

This will only cause chaos and more hatred.

There are no good answers now for many Americans.

Maybe 50% of Americans don’t want either, but the time to let your voice be heard was during the primary.

How you vote is your business, but rigging the game after it has been played and someone has 1237 only leads to more trouble.

I really don’t think I have to tell you how much I do not like it, but it doesn’t change the fact:

Trump is the nominee.

Beck also addressed this issue on his radio show Friday morning, saying, “There’s a lot of talk about the GOP now dumping Donald Trump at the convention. I cannot believe this is true. I think this is wishful talking for people who don’t support Trump, but I don’t think it should be wishful talking and hoping because I think it leads to great trouble.”

The radio talker also reiterated his point that such actions would be “kindling a civil war.”

“I don’t think lighting the fires of a civil war is something that I rush to,” he said. “You have to remember, the Civil War ended in more deaths than all other American wars combined. That’s a stunning stat. And you look at what that did to this nation — we barely made it. And we made it because we had Abraham Lincoln at the helm. You want to start a war? With who? Who is in charge? Who is leading this?”

Listen to this segment below: