BBC: Why Do so Many People Dislike Hillary Clinton?

HAMPTON, VA - JUNE 15: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton participates in a round table conversation on national security at the Virginia Air and Space Center June 15, 2016 in Hampton, Virginia. Following the nation's final presidential primary in the District of Columbia on Tuesday, it is clear that Clinton …
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The BBC’s Helena Merriman hosts a podcast discussing why Hillary Clinton’s favorable numbers are so low despite being a “centrist politician.”

From the BBC:

Hillary Clinton is the odds-on favourite to be the next president of the USA. But polls show more and more Americans view her unfavourably. In fact, the public’s hostility towards her is record-breaking. Only Donald Trump elicits greater antipathy. That’s perhaps less surprising. He is a political outsider, and a divisive figure. But why does Hillary Clinton – a mainstream, centrist politician – provoke such strong, negative feelings?

Listen to the audio discussion here.