***2016 LiveWire*** Republican National Convention Kicks Off

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Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the Republican National Convention. Monday’s theme is “Make America Safe Again” and headliners include Melania Trump, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Rudy Giuliani, Jamiel Shaw, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, and Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson. View the full convention schedule here.


Stay tuned to Breitbart News throughout the day and evening for live updates from its team of reporters on the ground in Cleveland.


All times eastern.

5:30: Trump motorcade involved in minor accident:

Trump not hurt:

5:12: “We Want Trump” chants drown out the Never Trump folks trying desperately to cling to relevance.



5:07: Romney synonymous with sore loser.

Flashback: Romney wanted nothing to do with Ronald Reagan while running against Ted Kennedy.

5:05: More agitators:

5:03: Ari Fleischer:

4:59: On CSPAN, Never Trump leader Kendal Unruh says says Trump needs to “earn” the votes of the “Never Trump” delegates and the process is “rigged.” She demands to know which states withdrew. She says “this isn’t over” and the party will be held accountable. She claims she is doing this because we don’t want Hillary Clinton (they want to keep their little fiefdoms and relevance) but then hypocritically says she won’t vote for Trump in the general election. She says there will be more “insurgency” on the floor.

Convention now in recess until the evening sessions starts at 7:50 pm.

4:50: Trump slams CNN:

4:35: Bitter Never Trump folks:

4:25: Utah delegate demands a roll call vote, but the chair says three states have withdrawn. So, there will not be a roll call vote.

4:22: RNC puts the rules up for a voice vote and the the “ayes” have it.

4:17: Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is also advocating for a roll call vote. He’s astonished that the Chair just abandoned the post and says this is “surreal.” Ken Cuccinelli slams credentials in anger.

4:16: GOP convention rules are adopted. “Never Trump” movement official done.

4:15: Anti-Trump delegates want roll call vote.


4:10: Tim Kaine seems to be the betting favorite to be Clinton’s running mate:

4:01: “#IAintVoting”? Bad News for Clinton.

3:55: Lukewarm response when Haley Barbour says the committee recommends Paul Ryan as permanent chair and Mitch McConnell as temporary chair.

3:50: Black Lives Matter agitators outside the convention.

Vulgar agitators:

3:25: Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) slams Obamacare and says Clinton will double down on the most extreme policies of the Obama administration.

3:10: Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) addresses the convention and says Hillary Clinton and Democrats have stunted our economy with more taxes and by taking over health care. He also says Clinton made our country less safe. Roberts says, as the Senior Marine in Congress, that Clinton failed to protect the lives of Americans in Benghazi. He says Clinton has sidestepped the truth and will do it again. Roberts says an overzealous government is attacking the “rural way of life” and nobody knows that better than farmers and ranchers who feel “ruled” and not “governed.” He says Vice President Mike Pence is that champion for farmers and ranchers. Roberts calls for an end to identity politics. Roberts says we need a “builder” and “doer” and that’s why we need Donald Trump and a GOP Senate to back him up.

3:05: Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) says the GOP’s message for voters in November is “we are working for  you” and the GOP has the record to prove it. Wicker says Trump/Pence need a Republican Congress to implement their agenda.

2:50: Code Pink in Cleveland:

2:45: Never Trump folks still trying to agitate, and they appear to have the support to get a rules vote.

2:15: Trump closing in on Clinton in new national poll:

Trump leads among independents that the mainstream press and “Never Trump” Republicans say he can never win over:

What has Clinton’s huge fundraising haul that the mainstream media and “Never Trump” Republicans gush over done for her?


2:05: Breitbart News at Republican National Convention:

2:00: Convention pays tribute to the late George Voinovich and the late Bob Bennett, the former Ohio GOP Chairman.

1:55: Rules Committee meeting underway:

1:50: Jeff Larson, the CEO of the Republican National Convention, says Trump will win in the fall like the Cavaliers, who play at Quicken Loans Arena, won the NBA title.

1:37: Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson welcomes attendees.

1:35: Two-thirds of GOP establishment “insiders” who are accustomed to having “influence” and having people fawn at them at such events are dreading this year’s convention because they and their minions have been rendered completely irrelevant.

1:15: McConnell not the most popular person:

1:07: Long lines outside Republican National Convention:

1:06: Clinton says White Americans need to do a better job listening to African-Americans when they talk about the seen and unseen barriers they face every day. She says Whites need to do a better job “recognizing our privilege.” Clinton points out that Trump declined the NAACP’s invitation and says Trump led the movement to “delegitimize our first Black President, trumpeting the birther movement.” She also slams Trump for associating with “white supremacists” and for wanting to ban an “entire religion” from entering the country. She slams for not renting apartments to African-Americans in the 1970s. She says Trump’s employees were instructed to mark applications from black people with a “c” for colored. Clinton now announces a nationwide drive to get three million people to vote in this election and says we can’t turn back the clock on voting rights. She says her campaign is going to minor league baseball games, college campuses, barbershops, hair salons…. and even street corners to register voters.

1:05: At the NAACP convention, Clinton gives a “shout out” to black women who represent the fastest-growing segment of the small business community. She also says she has “a lot of plans” and encourage people to read them on her website.

1:00: In Cleveland, RNC Chair Reince Priebus calls the convention to order. He takes a moment to recognize the fallen police officers in Baton Rouge, Dallas and elsewhere. He calls them “genuine heroes.” He asks for a moment of silence.

12:55: Clinton says America is a land of second chances (her husband would know) but many people have never even received a first chance. She know vows to “ban the box” so those with criminal records get a shot at job interviews. She now pushes gun control, calling for reforms to stop gun violence.

12:53: Clinton says there is clear evident that African-Americans are killed disproportionately and sentenced to longer jail terms than white people convicted of the same offenses. She says this tells us that something “profoundly wrong.” She speaks about holding Police Departments like Ferguson accountable and demands accurate data re: in-custody deaths like Sandra Bland. She wants clear national guidelines on the use of national force and independent investigations on fatal interactions with police.

12:52: Clinton says many African-Americans fear the police but also fearful that the recent police murders mean that vital questions about police-community relations will go unanswered. She says that is a “reasonable” fear.

12:51: Clinton then pivots to needing police and criminal justice reform and says we cannot rest until we root out implicit bias and stop the killings of African-Americans.

[Clinton sounds much more passionate talking about “police reforms” than she did talking about punishing those who kill officers.]

12:50: Clinton robotically addressing NAACP convention. She doesn’t sound like there’s nowhere else she’d rather be. Clinton says her heart broke yesterday after the Baton Rouge shootings and this “madness” has to stop. Clinton says “killing police officers is a terrible crime” and anyone who kills police officers must be held to account.

12:45: Anti-Trump agitators in Cleveland:


One of several shots I will upload


12:35: CNN’s John King says Michigan Dem. leaders are “freaked” that union workers may vote for Trump. King says polls may say one thing but when you sit down with these union workers, it is clear they are not voting for Clinton.

12:15: Trump’s diversity coordinator slams outside agitators:

11:45: Convention seating chart:

11:20: A day after President Barack Obama denounces “inflammatory rhetoric,” NAACP President Cornell Brooks talks about a “lynching crisis.”

11:05: Bad news for Democrats. Obama coalition disillusioned.

10:55: Hillary Clinton to address NAACP convention soon:


10:53: Chris Christie being Chris Christie:

10:51: Texas Lieutenant Gov. Signs “Make America Great Again” hat. He also says Texas delegation has no interest in trying to “undermine” Trump.

10:45: Lamer than his ratings:


10:30: “Never Trump” movement claiming they are not done “by a long shot.” [Note: Keep in mind that with Trump’s victory, all of the professional Republicans and conservatives who live to be “relevant” in politics are completely irrelevant this week and for the rest of the election cycle and perhaps beyond. That goes to the core of why they are throwing their hissy fits. Poor things.]

10:23: Police presence in Cleveland:

10:20: Manafort: Bush family “is part of the past.”

10:15: On Breitbart News’s live convention show (Watch HERE), Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow says that all eyes are on Breitbart News this week because its team of reporters, unlike the mainstream media and other outlets on the right that are now playing “catch-up,” have been leading the way since the start of this election cycle. Marlow also praises Executive Chairman Steve Bannon for his new haircut and “getting his appearance together.” Bannon says Breitbart News represents the “working man’s journalism.”

10:12: Manafort confirms Trump will attend Melania’s speech:



9:35: Extra  jail space may be needed to deal with agitators:

9:30: Anti-Trump agitators at convention:

9:25: What a team player:

9:17: Newt says Bushes says Bushes are acting “childishly.”

“Jeb lost. Get over it,” he said in an appearance on “Good Morning America.”

He says Republican Party has been awfully good to the Bushes and Romneys and slams Romney for not supporting the contract of America and Ronald Reagan.

9:15: GOP politicians addressing state delegations.


9:05: Trump also slammed the state of race relations in America under Obama, saying it’s been as bad as it has ever been:

8:58: Projection: Trump, Clinton in virtual tie in Electoral College. John Pudner, whose statistical models have proven to be correct over and over again in politics and sports, has Trump within 6 of Clinton in the Electoral College, according to his projections.

8:55: BREITBART’s JOEL POLLAK: California Delegation to Republican Convention: Stop #NeverTrump

CLEVELAND, Ohio — California was the state where Ted Cruz was going to make his last, decisive stand against Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. Instead, the California delegation to the Republican National Convention is Donald Trump’s doomsday weapon.

Read more here.

8:52: On “Morning Joe,” GOP establishment super lawyer Ben Ginsberg says of the failed Never Trump movement, “it turns out it’s easier to get publicity than votes” to cause trouble at the convention. Ginsburg says though the “Never Trump” forces may still try to cause some trouble, there is not going to be much tolerance for upstarts.

8:50: Paul Manafort slams Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whose team seems to care the most about appeasing the mainstream media and liberals more than anything else, for not attending the convention. He says Kasich is embarrassing the state during his round of interviews this morning.

8:47: Trump also says he will attend his wife’s primetime speech:


8:45: In an interview with Fox News on Monday morning, Donald Trump slammed President Barack Obama’s “body language” after three police officers were slaughtered in Baton Rouge on Sunday.

Trump said, “you just look at the body language. There’s something going on. Look, there’s something going on and the words are not often okay.”  Trump said “there’s just a bad feeling about him.”