Hillary Clinton’s Token “Republican” Endorser Is Actually a Democratic Donor

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Hillary Clinton’s “Republican” supporter is actually a Democratic donor and supporter.

Investor David Nierenberg wrote an op-ed for CNBC Friday entitled “I’ve been a Republican since 1980 but I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.”

Why is this supposed Republican voting for Clinton? Because Donald Trump is “dangerous” he says, echoing the Clinton campaign’s go-to “dangerous” line.

But last election cycle, Nierenberg played the exact same game in reverse. In 2012, Oregon Live ran the headline “Mitt Romney’ biggest Portland-area supporter is David Nierenberg, a Camas investor who often supports Democrats.” Oregon Live reported:

David Nierenberg says he was raised to be a “proper New York Jewish liberal Democrat.” He donates to Democrats and supports both Planned Parenthood and higher taxes for his local public school district.

But Nierenberg, a wealthy southwest Washington investor, is also deeply involved in the Republican presidential race as a national finance chair and major fundraiser for his long-time friend and mentor, Mitt Romney.

Mr. Nierenberg is a bit of an eccentric, according to Oregon Live:

Nierenberg also made a splash promoting interfaith relations in 2001 when several Republican legislators in Olympia blocked funding for buses to transport Vancouver-area students to see the Dalai Lama speak in Portland. Nierenberg helped pay the transportation costs, saying he didn’t want the kids to miss seeing the famous Tibetan leader.

Nierenberg’s outgoing personality — and wealth — have made him a well-known figure in Clark County.

Nierenberg has donated this cycle to Democratic U.S. Senator Ron Wyden’s campaign and Republicans Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Jeb Bush.

In the past, he has donated to the progressive Democratic Party pressure PAC ActBlue.