People Burning New Balance Sneakers to Protest Company’s Trump Support


People who own New Balance shoes are burning them in protest after the company threw its support behind President-elect Donald Trump when he won the presidency.

New Balance’s vice-president of public affairs told Wall Street Journal reporter Sara Germano that the Obama administration had “turned a deaf ear” to them, and that under a Trump presidency, things will “move in the right direction,” New York magazine reported.

Now, consumers of the brand are posting images and videos of themselves burning their New Balance sneakers or throwing them in the trash after sneaker magazine Sole Collector posted the news on Twitter:

New Balance has thrown its support behind a Trump presidency because of Trump’s opposition to the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, or TPP, while on the campaign trail.

New Balance also opposed TPP, which is a trade deal between 12 countries that eliminates taxes and trade barriers on U.S. exports, because of its impact on business in the U.S.