***Live Updates*** Trump Holds New Mexico Rally

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

President Donald Trump will hold a Monday evening rally in New Mexico.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

11:05 PM: Trump wraps up another raucous rally after vowing to turn New Mexico red:

10:58 PM: Trump says Republicans will defend the Constitution, stand with law enforcement, believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life while believing mothers and fathers–not Washington bureaucrats–know best how to raise their children. He also says Republicans believe children should be taught to love America and honor the country’s history.

10:57 PM: Trump says China and India are spewing pollutants but environmentalists only want America to change its ways for the sake of “climate change.”

10:55 PM: Trump again talks about the hazardous new lightbulbs. He wants cheaper incandescent light bulbs that are cheaper and safer (and make him look better). He says he’s trying to do the same things with cars that have “so much junk on them” to try to save a tiny bit of gasoline. He says cars today are like papier-mache that just fall apart when touched… he wants to be in a tank if he is ever hit.

10:51 PM: Trump says he’s a just a messenger and this election is about “you” and the “future of our great country.” Trump says a vote for any Democrat is a vote for the rise of “radical socialism” and the destruction of the American dream. He then talks about Venezuela.

Trump also says the AIDS epidemic will be over in 10 years. Says we now have the medicine.

10:47 PM: Trump now talks about phony polls. He says he doesn’t want to get too cocky and mocks the phony polls that have him losing Texas to Democrats.

10:42 PM: Trump says Republicans believe every child is a sacred gift from God and Democrats support extreme late-term abortions, ripping babies from the womb…

10:40 PM: Trump says the Democrats the “Lamestream media” are “partners” trying to take him down. He says that’s called collusion.

10:37 PM: Trump says there are a lot of snakes in D.C. and NYC. He says the “Democrat party” has never been further from the mainstream and every Democrat running for president will eliminate private health insurance.

10:35 PM: Trump says Democrats want to turn every city into sanctuary cities for criminal aliens. He says that’s a big reason two North Carolina Republicans won last week. Trump says even in California, the people don’t want sanctuary cities. He says only left-wing politicians do.

Trump says Democrats want to make New Mexico a “sanctuary state” and the crowd boos.

10:33 PM: Trump says Republicans will put American citizens first. He says Hispanics who play by the rules are the hardest hit by illegal immigration. Trump says every American citizen deserves a government that is loyal to them while protecting their jobs/safety. He says politicians have been loyal “to themselves” instead of citizens.

10:31 PM: Trump says if he took the wall and put it in New Mexico, the people who claim they don’t want the wall would complain. He says he’ll give New Mexico “a brand new wall.”

10:28 PM: Trump mocks Democrats for first trying to damage him with “Russia, Russia.”

Then, Trump says, Democrats went to “race.” He’s the least racist person he says.

Then, Trump says, Democrats were praying for a recession.

Now he says Democrats are accusing him of enriching himself and goes on and on about the Emoluments Clause. Claims he is losing billions by being president.

10:21 PM: Trump says “it’s time to finally take care of our own” after saying after spending years building up other countries, America is finally building up its own country.

Trump talks the opioid crisis and says Hispanics understand that we need border security/wall to prevent drugs from being smuggled across the border.

He says his administration has stopped fentanyl that could have killed half of the country. Says it’s a “war-like situation.”

10:18 PM: Trump says his rallies are more about “achievement” than fun because there has never been an administration that has done or achieved more than his.

10:17 PM: Trump says “somebody had to do something about China.” He blames Messrs. Obama/Bush/Clinton for being soft on China.

“Nobody did it, so I’m doing it,” Trump says. He claims America is getting billions from China whereas in the past we just got unemployment and “cheap pencils.”

10:15 PM: Trump now talking about the “great catastrophe” of NAFTA and his USMCA trade deal.

10:10 PM: Trump now going after the “failed liberal establishment” that bogged the country down in wars and squandered taxpayer dollars. Trump says he regrets doing the “Pocahontas” attacks “too early.”

“Oh, it’s coming back, don’t worry about it,” Trump says.

He suggests he has other attack lines but he wants to save them for the general election. Can the undisciplined president really prevent himself from blurting whatever he is saving at another campaign event and not telegraph yet another line of attack to make it lose its potency? Who knows…

10:05 PM: Trump praises the great Steve Cortes. He says Cortes looks more like a WASP than he does. Trump says CNN’s audience isn’t big enough for someone like Cortes.

9:57 PM: Trump now rips the “crazy Mueller Report” authored by “18 Trump haters” who “found nothing” after two years and $40 million. “No collusion. No obstruction. No nothing,” Trump says.

Trump says vote Republican to stop the far-left’s campaign of destruction.

He says no president should have to go through what he has gone through, and he says 99% of them would never have been able to take it.

9:55 PM: Trump rips Democrats for calling for Kavanaugh’s impeachment when the women involved doesn’t remember the account. Trump says the New York Times had to put out “a major apology” and Democrats “still want him to be impeached.” Trump again says everyone at the Times involved in the Kavanaugh story/Russia Witch Hunt Hoax to resign.

9:52 PM: Trump says the left wants to “erase American history,” confiscate guns, and indoctrinate students with left-wing ideologies. He says he will never allow the left to take away “your sacred right to keep and bear arms.” He says the left uses “Democrat prosecutors” to get their opponents to submit. He now talks about Kavanaugh.

9:50 PM: Trump says “the Fake News was not happy” last Tuesday when two Republicans in North Carolina won Congressional races.

9:45 PM: Hispanic Trump supporters chant “Build the wall!” He claims there will be 500 miles of wall built by next year. He says Hispanic Americans don’t want criminals coming across the border, taking their jobs. He says they want security and the wall.

9:43 PM: Trump now speaking about Hispanic Heritage Month. “Much to celebrate,” he says, talking about the unemployment rate for Hispanics being at a historic low. He also says Hispanic-American poverty levels have also reached all-time lows. He says wages for Hispanic Americans are “rising really fast,” up nearly 8% since his election.

9:42 PM: Trump predicts he’s going to win New Mexico “easily” and wonders how he is going to lose the state in 2020. He says he didn’t see any “negative hand gesture” while traveling to his rally.

9:40 PM: Trump talks awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mariano Rivera. One of Rivera’s few failures happened one state over against Luis Gonzalez.

9:37 PM: Trump says Democrats want to “annihilate New Mexico’s economy” and want America to be “subservient” to rogue nations re: energy production. Crowd chants “USA! USA!”

9:35 PM: Raucous rally already interrupted by a protester. Trump says he is battling against the “corrupt establishment of the past.” He says he’s ended Obama’s “war on American energy” and touts New Mexico’s natural gas production (increased by 40%, he says) that has led to great jobs, increased wages. Same for crude oil, according to Trump, who then talks about being energy independent and being a net exporter of energy. Trump says that all goes away under the Green New Deal. No more cows, no more airplanes.

9:30 PM: Trump takes the stage. New “Latinos for Trump” signs behind him.

9:10 PM: Trump about to take the stage in Rio Rancho, near where Pedro Martinez once pitched for the Dukes.

8:35 PM: Trump may need to somehow flip a state like New Mexico given his poor numbers in B1G country.

Resistance/Protesters also waiting for Trump:


Trump supporters waiting for the Main Event:


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