***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Texas Rally

EL PASO, TEXAS - FEBRUARY 11: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the El Paso County Coliseum on February 11, 2019 in El Paso, Texas. U.S. Trump continues his campaign for a wall to be built along the border as the Democrats in Congress are asking for …
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President Donald Trump will hold a Thursday evening campaign rally in Dallas, Texas.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates of Trump’s North Texas rally.

All times eastern.

10:05 PM: Trump says the 2020 election is “about you.” He says it’s going to be “very hard to take this beautiful experiment apart” if his voters “cement” the 2016 election win in 2020.

10:01 PM: Trump reminds voters that Republicans have confirmed 152 federal judges, including two to the Supreme Court.

9:58 PM: Trump says Democrats have gone “nuts” and want to “eviscerate” Medicare. He notes Democrats want to also “execute” babies after they are born and goes after Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s support for late-term abortions.

9:55 PM: Trump says every American deservers a government that is “loyal to you for a change.” Trump says his administration has reduced illegal border crossing by more than 60% since May with no help from Democrats. Trump says Democrats “won’t close up the loopholes” like catch and release.

9:50 PM: Trump says after decades of economic surrender, he has taken historic action to combat China’s rampant trade abuses. He says of China: “They get it now.”

He rips the WTO for treating China like a developing nation and implies it is worse than NAFTA.

Trump says Democrats have betrayed the nation the most on immigration. And then, for some reason, he talks about hiring a debate coach for ten minutes before debating Ted Cruz and then realizing he knew nothing.

After a long detour, he now goes back to reminding voters that Democrats running for president raised their hands to give free health care to illegal immigrants.

9:45 PM: Trump rips the “phonies in the back” for pushing the narrative that Texas and Utah were in play during the last election. He mocks the “shaved head” (Evan McMullin) that even Hillary beat in Utah.

9:42 PM: Trump now accusing Democrats of waging a “war on energy” and wanting to abolish oil and natural gas. He says they just want windmills and even Abraham Lincoln could not win Texas under those circumstances.

9:39 PM: Trump now discussing the 7 million people who have been lifted off of food stamps since his election and the record-low unemployment rates. Trump now focusing on the all-time low poverty level for Hispanic Americans and the rising wages for Hispanic Americans. Trump says up near 8% since his election, and he says the fake news would have said that would have been impossible.

9:38 PM: Trump now pivots to restoring our prosperity and then pivots to discussing the 30,000 people outside the stadium in a speech that is just all over the place even for Trump’s standards.

9:36 PM: Trump says the same people who want endless wars also want open borders. He says that will just import terrorism. He says Democrats want migrants, including the caravan, to flood across the border.

Trump mocks California for giving free benefits to illegal immigrants and jokes he will consider moving there too if the Golden State keeps giving more benefits to illegal immigrants.

Trump says he thinks the best way to prevent terrorists from entering the United States is to deny them entry.

9:33 PM: Trump says Democrats will criticize him for anything, even if he purchased Beijing for a dollar.  Trump says American combat troops should not be at the center of ancient sectarian conflicts. “Bring our soldiers back home,” Trump says.

9:31 PM: Trump now talking about putting a stop to the “catastrophic” endless wars. Says America should not spend $8 trillion in the Middle East policing the area. Trump says these wars brought instability, mass chaos, instability, and death. He says he had a huge success today with Turkey and talks about “a little tough love” for Turkey. He accuses Obama of losing “a million people” in the area. He says he will try to “get it all finalized” during the “five day period.”

9:30 PM: After praising Texas’s elected officials, he mocks Hillary’s yoga and wedding emails. Trump says Rick Perry was “vicious” during the campaign but has done a “phenomenal job” as the Energy Secretary. He tells the crowd that Perry will be leaving at the end of the year and going back to Texas.

9:15 PM: Trump now calling out the “partnership” between the “Democrats and the fake news media.” Trump says he was treated horribly by the media but had the highest-rated election night all over the world. Trump really thought the media were going to respect him when he won the presidency, revealing he never understood the media’s biases.

9:12 PM: Trump says Melania is watching the rally at home. He then goes back to attacking Biden for allowing China to rip off America. He says he doesn’t blame China. He blames America’s leaders for allowing China to “R-word” that rhymes with vape and “pillage” the country.

9:07 PM: Trump on Biden/Ukraine: “That’s what you call a quid pro quo.” On China, Trump says it was a disgrace that America was allowed to lose hundreds of billions of dollars to China for 25 years.

9:05 PM: Trump, now becoming an election pundit, says he doesn’t think “Sleepy Joe” has a chance and rips the media for giving Biden a pass on China and Ukraine.  Trump says he wants to face Biden.

He says he thought he left Pocahontas in “embers” but the embers kept “going and going…”

9:02 PM: Trump says 2020 will be a “landslide” and asks his voters to make it a landslide.

8:58 PM: Trump mocks Beto the “flailer” for wanting to confiscate guns and the end the tax-exempt status for churches. Trump says the left accepts no compromise and has no “respect for the will of the American people.”

He rips them for the Russia hoax, the Kavanaugh smears, and the “outrageous impeachment witch hunt.”

Trump says Democrats think anybody who opposes them “must be crushed.” He says Republicans play a “much softer game” and takes a whack at former House Speaker Paul Ryan. Trump says Pelosi is “nuts” but hands out subpoenas like “cookies.”

“They come after me, but what they are really doing is they are coming after the Republican Party, and what they are really, really doing is they are coming after you… and we never lose,” Trump says.

8:56 PM: Trump mocks the fake news media and says the people of Texas and America will never surrender their freedoms “to the people right there.” He says the fake news media looks like the Academy Awards before it failed…Trump says it “failed because they came after us.” “They had stupid people saying bad things about us,” Trump says.


8:53 PM: Trump says the “do-nothing Democrats” have “betrayed the country.” Trump says the “radical Democrats want to destroy America as we know it” and “indoctrinate our children” to teach them that America is “sinful” nation. He says Democrats also want to “disarm” law-abiding citizens and install far-left judges to “shred our Constitution.” He says Democrats want to “tear down symbols of faith” from the public square and use the government to “muzzle” and “shut down” conservative voices.” Trump says if Democrats didn’t hate the country, they wouldn’t be doing this.

He now pivots to the “wall” that is going up rapidly. Crowd chants: “Build the wall!”

8:52 PM: Trump starts mocking “crazy Nancy” and “shifty Schiff” as the crowd boos. He wonders why someone should have immunity for frauds.

Trump says his political opposition made their fortune selling out the nation. He says that’s why 2016 was so important and 2020 will be just as important.

8:50 PM: Trump says he’s thrilled to be in the “deep in the heart of Texas.” Trump says there has never been a better time to be a proud Texan or a proud American…Trump touts the strong economic numbers, including 70,000 new manufacturing jobs in Texas. Trump says the “nation is stronger than ever before.”

Trump says the more America achieves, the “more hateful and enraged these crazy Democrats become.”

“They’re crazy,” Trump says. He says “at stake” in this fight is “the survival of American democracy itself.”

Trump again accuses Democrats of trying to overthrow the results of the perhaps the greatest election in the history of the country. He says Democrats will not win at the ballot box. “They’re not going to come close,” Trump says. Trump says he doesn’t believe anymore that Democrats love our country and the crowd chants “four more years!”

8:45 PM: Trump now taking the stage. “Latinos for Trump” and “Cops for Trump” signs behind him.

8:05 PM: Trump about to take the stage:

7:35 PM: Packed crowd getting ready for the main event.

Trump v. Beto:

Huge crowds as always for a Trump event:


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