WATCH: Pete Buttigieg Supporters Cannot Name Any Achievements

EAST POINT, GEORGIA — Supporters of South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg formed the largest contingent of demonstrators outside the fifth Democrat debate Wednesday evening — but had trouble naming any of his achievements.

Breitbart News Senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak ventured into the crowd to speak to Buttigieg fans — as well as supporters of businessman Andrew Yang and former Vice President Joe Biden, the other two campaigns represented outside the Tyler Perry Studios.

Pete Buttigieg supporters in Atlanta (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

“It’s unusual to have a mayor run for president, and you mentioned his experience — what do you think is his biggest achievement in South Bend?” Pollak asked.

“You got me on that one!” the Buttigieg supporter laughed, holding his “Pete” sign up to block the camera, in jest.

“Let me think about that one, okay?” he said.

Other Buttigieg supporters named his military service and his intelligence as reasons to support him. But none could name anything he had actually achieved in public service.

Asked what his biggest achievement was in South Bend — or even “somewhere else” –one woman answered: “I don’t know about that particularly. I know the thing in his resume, let’s say, that’s most impressive to me is that he is a military vet.”

Another woman, who had previously cited Buttigieg’s “experience,” struggled to answer the same question.

“Yes, that’s his first experience, although he’s been mayor, I think, for eight years. He’s had challenges — sometimes when you have a smaller operation, it’s tougher, even, than running a big city. You have fewer resources. He’s had hits and misses, but he’s learned from that and he’s trying to do better.”

The full video of Breitbart’s foray into the crowd is available at Breitbart News’ Facebook page, here.

Buttigieg is leading in the latest polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, though he still trails the frontrunners nationwide.



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