Court Docs: Hunter Biden Accused of Identity Theft to Hide Drug Addiction

(INSET: Lunden Roberts) Vice President Joe Biden kisses Hallie Biden, the widow of the vice president's son, former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, before his funeral services, Saturday, June 6, 2015, at St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington, Del. Also pictured is Beau Biden's son, Hunter, bottom …
Patrick Semansky/AP; Lunden Roberts/Facebook; Edit: BNN

Hunter Biden’s long history of drug abuse and the efforts taken to conceal that addiction are taking center stage in the ongoing paternity suit against him in Arkansas.

A private investigator hired by Lunden Roberts, a one-time stripper with whom Biden sired a child, filed documents in Arkansas circuit court on Monday alleging Biden engaged in identity theft to hide his addiction. In particular, the private investigator cited the instance—that Breitbart News first broke last year—in which Biden’s personal effects were found in a rental car in Prescott, Arizona.

Inside the vehicle, which Biden initially rented from a Hertz location in California, was “a white powdery” residue, later confirmed to be cocaine, and a a pipe used to smoke the illegal substance, according to a police report obtained by Breitbart News. Also found was evidence linking the car to Biden, including two drivers’ licenses and credits cards with his legal name, “a secret service business card,” and a Delaware attorney general’s badge from his late-brother’s tenure in the position.

The police report, filed shortly after the car was returned, also described the strange circumstances the car rental site’s employees were subject to in the aftermath of the vehicle’s appearance:

The next morning, according to the police report, a man who identified himself as “Joseph McGee” called the Hertz rental car counter to inform them of how the keys to the car were left in the vehicle’s gas cap rather than in the normal spot. “McGee” informed the rental car company employee, according to police, that “his friend was feeling sick so they didn’t know what to do” when the car was returned. Police, according to a supplemental report filed by a Prescott Police Department detective, sought and obtained a subpoena to discover the source of the “Joseph McGee” phone call—and traced it to a phone number owned and operated by a renowned “Colon Hydrotherapist” in the region.

Police attempted to find and interview “Joseph McGee,” but were unable to–and they also, per the documents, attempted to call Hunter Biden himself from the phone numbers he provided to the rental car company. Prescott Police Department officials were unable to reach Hunter Biden during the investigation for an interview on the matter, though, according to the documents, they did attempt to call him. One of the Prescott Police Department officers who responded to the initial scene wrote that according to his Sergeant, described in the report as “Sgt. Small,” the Secret Service had informed the local police that “Robert Biden had been located by the Secret Service and was well.”

Roberts’ private investigator argues that Biden, in fact, was “Joseph McGee” and the behavior fit a pattern of reckless actions, including identity theft, utilized to conceal his addiction.

The revelations come as Biden’s past indiscretions haunt his father, former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign. Initially, the younger Biden was supposed to play a key role in the campaign, but those plans were squashed after Breitbart News first reported on the car rental story.

Biden later admitted to The New Yorker that the Breitbart scoop, which broke the day before the former vice president entered the 2020 race, was the reason for his absence from the campaign launch.


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