Eric Trump: My Father Would ‘Destroy’ Joe Biden in a Debate

Appearing Monday on Fox & Friends, philanthropist Eric Trump said his father, President Donald Trump, would “destroy” former Vice President Joe Biden if the two squared off in a presidential debate.

(Watch from 1:25)

A partial transcript is as follows: 

STEVE DOOCY: You know who did not help Joe Biden? Nancy Pelosi and the people in the House and the Senate regarding impeachment because as they pushed the Trump narrative regarding impeachment, ultimately, every time they would bring that up, then Hunter Biden, Burisma, all that stuff, came up to essentially ding Joe Biden.

ERIC TRUMP: At the same time, Nancy Pelosi was keeping — the Democrat Party — was keeping all the senators in Washington, D.C., trying to give Biden a leg up in Iowa and other states, right? They were all working on the nonsense impeachment sham. They tried to hurt Bernie the entire time. They have tried to hurt him the entire time. It’s going to be interesting. Would you rather run against Bernie? A socialist, a whackjob, who wants 85 percent taxes, right?

I mean, the guy took his honeymoon in the USSR. [He said] Venezuela should be the model society for America to run on. Or would you rather run against the guy who you showed two seconds ago, who said his son was the attorney general of the United States, who said he was running for Senate? My father would destroy that guy on the debate stage.


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