Pro-Trump Super PAC Launches Ad Highlighting Tara Reade Allegations

Biden ad
Great America PAC/YouTube

A leading pro-Trump Super PAC is launching a six-figure ad against former Vice President Joe Biden highlighting the sexual assault allegations brought forth by Tara Reade.

Great America PAC, which has already raised more than $4 million to see the president reelected since 2019, announced on Tuesday it would be running the ad, labeled “Shattered,” online, but targeted to voters in key battleground states. The ad, which the PAC hopes to air on television shortly, prominently features the sexual assault allegation lived against the former vice president by Tara Reade, a one time staffer in his Senate office.

“Tara Reade said Joe Biden sexually assaulted her,” the ad states, before claiming that “Democrats and the media are trying to ignore her chilling story. We won’t let them.”

Even though Reade is not pictured herself, the ad proceeds to play the audio recording from a recent interview conducted with Megyn Kelly, describing the alleged misconduct on Biden’s part.

“I would see him at meetings, and he would basically put his hands on me. Put his hands on my shoulder, run his finger on my neck,” the audio states, while photos of Biden hugging and kissing women from public events over the years flash on the screen. “He was very, like, handsy with a lot of people. There was no, like, exchange, really, he just had me up against the wall and then his hands were on me and underneath my clothes.”

“Four others have corroborated Reade’s story. Biden refuses to release records that may have more evidence. Tara Reade’s life was shattered in 1993. Joe Biden’s lie must be shattered in 2020.”

Ed Rollins, the PAC’s chairman, explained his organization felt compelled to create the ad in order to counter what they perceived to be a lack of media interest in reporting on Reade’s allegations.

“By her own account, Tara Reade’s life was shattered by Joe Biden’s sexual assault in 1993. Now leading Democrats and a biased national media are trying to sweep this story under the rug to protect Biden,” Rollins said in a statement obtained by Breitbart News. Adding that his group was working to “make sure Tara Reade’s story is heard and Biden’s troubling history with women is well known.”

Reade, who worked for Biden’s Senate office between 1992 and 1993, had initially come forward last April to accuse the former vice president of unwanted touching. At the time, Reade told a local California news outlet that she had filed a complaint noting the misconduct with the Senate’s personnel office when it purportedly occurred. Her story, however, changed in March, with Reade claiming that Biden had pushed her up against a wall, forcibly kissed her, and digitally penetrated her sometime in 1993.

The accusation has been difficult to corroborate given that nearly 30 years have passed since it supposedly took place. Biden, for his part, denies the alleged assault ever took place, while former members of his Senate staff have emerged in his defense. Reade, on the other hand, has provided evidence that she told friends and families about the supposed assault when it occurred, but no direct witnesses.

As there has been no definitive proof on either side, Reade has sought to make public the sexual harassment complaint she allegedly filed in 1993. Although the complaint, if it does exist, does not mention the supposed assault, Reade believes it will corroborate the fact that she faced harassment while in Biden’s employ. The former vice president’s congressional staff has asserted that no such document exists. Reade contended that it is likely within the thousands of Senate documents the former vice president donated to the University of Delaware in 2011.

As such, Great America PAC ends its ad by imploring Biden to release his papers in hopes of shedding further light on the matter.

“Four others have corroborated Reade’s story. Biden refuses to release records that may have more evidence,” the ad states. “Tara Reade’s life was shattered in 1993. Joe Biden’s lie must be shattered in 2020.”


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