Elise Stefanik: Democrats’ Impeachment Sham ‘Was an Attack on You’ the American People


Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) said on Wednesday at the Republican National Committee’s 2020 convention that the Democrats’ “impeachment sham” was not only an attack on President Donald Trump but on the American people who elected him.

Stefanik said:

Since his first day in office, President Trump has fought tirelessly to deliver results for all Americans, despite the Democrats’ baseless and illegal impeachment sham and the media’s endless obsession with it. was proud to lead the effort standing up for the Constitution, President Trump, and most importantly the American people.

“This attack was not just on the President; it was an attack on you – your voice and your vote,” Stefanik said. 

“But the American people were not swayed by these partisan attacks,” Stefanik said. “Our support for President Trump is stronger than ever before.”

“We know what’s at stake in this historic election,” Stefanik said. “Americans from all walks of life are unified in support of our president.” 

“It’s why more Republican women than ever are running for office this year,” Stefanik said. “We understand that this election is a choice between the far-left Democratic Socialist agenda versus protecting and preserving the American Dream.”

Stefanik praised Trump’s handling of the U.S. economy and his support for the American worker. And she warned of the contrast of a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration:

President Trump is working to safely re-open our Main Street economy. He understands that the engine of our country is fueled by the ingenuity and determination of American workers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Joe Biden wants to keep them locked up in the basement and crush them with $4 trillion in new taxes.”

We face a critical choice: Joe Biden’s far-left Socialist policies of the past 47 years or President Trump who will stand up for the American people and the Constitution. I believe in the wisdom and spirit of the American people to elect the only candidate who is capable of protecting the American Dream, President Donald J. Trump.

As Breitbart News reported, at last week’s Democrat National Committee’s 2020 convention there was no mention of the impeachment hoax.

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