***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Florida Rally

FAYETTEVILLE, NC - SEPTEMBER 19: U.S. President Donald Trump addresses supporters during a Make America Great Again campaign rally on September 19, 2020 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Thousands joined for the rally where President Trump announced his plan to appoint a female to the Supreme Court after the death of …
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President Donald Trump will hold a Thursday evening rally in Jacksonville, Florida.

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All times Eastern.

8:20 PM: Another rally in the books for the energetic president. Trump has a rally in Newport News, Virginia, scheduled for Friday evening, but Virginia officials are trying to get it canceled.

8:11 PM: Trump blames the Obama administration for negotiating a “pathetic” one-sided deal with the Castro dictatorship that betrayed the Cuban people and enriched the communist regime.

“My opponent stands with socialists and communists,” Trump says. “I stand with the proud people of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela in their righteous struggle for freedom.”

8:04 PM: Trump talks about the “trove of text messages” that was released today from the “Russia witch hunt.” “These people are scum. They were trying to do a coup,” Trump says. “Let’s see what happens to them now…”

Trump says they are coming after him because he is fighting for his supporters.

8:03 PM: Trump recognizes supporters who left the Democrats and just registered as Republicans.

7:56 PM: Trump talking about the Russia hoax and gleefully says “they caught ’em” today. “They got ’em cold. It was just announced,” Trump says.

7:54 PM: Trump praises Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for beating a Democrat (Andrew Gillum), someone Trump says pundits said had a great future. “I’m not thinking his future is looking too good,” Trump says, praising DeSantis for “not choking under pressure.”

7:52 PM: After getting loud cheers for his 1776 Commission, Trump talks about his executive order banning the teaching of critical race theory in the federal government. Trump says we have “fired so many of these wise guys” teaching this “hateful marxist doctrine” that “paints America as a wicked nation” while teaching people to “be ashamed of themselves and ashamed of their country.”

7:48 PM: Trump claims his opponents are trying to do “a little bit of a political hit” by trying to delay the vaccine. Trump says Biden in 1996 voted to “obliterate” Puerto Rico’s “thriving pharmaceutical industry.” “I am reversing that,” he says.

Trump also says what Biden did to the African-American community was “devastating.” He says Biden has not been good for anyone.

7:40 PM: Trump warns that if Biden wins, he will pack the court with extremists backed by AOC. Trump says he can pack the courts too and mocks Harry Reid for making “all of this possible” with the nuclear option. He mocks “cryin'” Chuck Schumer for blaming Republicans when Harry Reid gave Republicans the power. He says Biden wants to pack the Supreme Court with radicals who will “strike under God from the Pledge of Allegiance and all other places and tear down crosses from public places.”

7:37 PM: Trump says he will make his Supreme Court announcement at the Rose Garden on Saturday. Trump says Democrats don’t want him to do it even though he has “a lot of time.” “This will be a very talented person,” Trump says. “It will be a woman.”

Trump again polls the audience on whether they want to see a woman or a man appointed to the Supreme Court.

7:35 PM: Trump mocks protesters, says he didn’t hear anything “except our crowd. They have no voice. They are screaming at the top of their lungs, but they’re lungs are very small.” He says they are going to “go back to mommy.”

7:32 PM: Trump blames the “fake news” for now showing the cities being burned down and the violent protesters. He says Biden was silent for the entire summer as his far-left supporters assaulted police officers and innocent civilians while burning down buildings.

“Joe, they are not peaceful,” Trump says, adding that he thinks Biden is so out of the loop that he actually believes they are “peaceful protesters.”

7:29 PM: Trump says Biden is “weak as hell” on law and order. He says Biden has surrendered his party to flag-burners, rioters, and anti-police radicals. Trump says the hardest part of running the country is dealing with “crazy Democrats.” He says the Democrats’ war on cops are putting the lives of innocent officers at risk. Trump says his dad told him to say “police” instead of “cops” to show “respect.” Trump talks about officers who were shot recently in Los Angeles, California, and Louisville, Kentucky. He asks the crowd to give law enforcement a big hand. Trump says he tells the police they have no idea how much they are loved, especially if they watch the “fake news.”

7:28 PM: Trump says he’s going to win Minnesota because of the “beauty” Omar. Trump says she has “hatred” for America and “total disrespect” for America. He says Minnesotans “aren’t too fond of her.”

7:25 PM: Trump says this election is also about “law and order.” He says these “Democrat-run states are a disaster.” “Look at Portland,” Trump says. “How bad is that?”

Trump gives Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D) for authorizing the National Guard and doing a good job this week.

7:23 PM: Trump says they will give Biden a “big shot or something” and be “superman for about 15 minutes” and “do fine” at the debates because he has been debating for 47 years.

7:20 PM: Trump warns Biden is in favor of “crippling” shut downs. Trump thinks next year will be the best economy ever. He mocks the Biden campaign’s lid while he is working his ass off going all over the place. Crowd chants “four more years.”

“He puts a lid on,” Trump says. “So early in the morning, he’s put a lid on. So there’s nothing for today.”

Trump says the press go home and say “he’s a great candidate.”

Trump says he will feel badly if Biden wins by not campaigning. Trump says “we can’t have a low-energy individual as our president. We can’t. And he’s the lowest-energy individual I’ve ever seen.”

7:19 PM: Trump says Kamala Harris is further left than Bernie and mocks her performance in the primaries.

7:18 PM: Trump talks about polling that shows him doing great with Hispanics. “We think we are winning by, like, a lot,” Trump says before saying the only poll that counts is on November 3.

Trump talks about how much he loves the Hispanic-American community and says this election is about America not becoming a “socialist or communist country.”

7:15 PM: Loud “USA” chants as Trump says he is glad to be back in his home state of Florida. Trump says this is the most important election because we are dealing with “crazies.”

6:59 PM: Crowd goes wild as Air Force One lands.

6:45 PM: Trump expected to arrive at the top of the hour.


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