Nebraska Bishop Says Abortion Is ‘the Preeminent Evil in Our Culture’

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The bishop of Grand Island, Nebraska, has issued a powerfully worded letter calling on Christians to unite in their absolute opposition to abortion and its supporters.

“Abortion on demand has been the preeminent evil in our culture since it was legalized in 1973,” writes Bishop Joseph G. Hanefeldt in his October message. “To support those who champion abortion rights is to now blindly open the door for advancing widespread religious persecution.”

“In living the gospel of life, no violation of human dignity can be disregarded,” Bishop Hanefeldt declares. “At the same time, Catholics must know that not all issues are weighted equally.”

“The threat of abortion remains our preeminent priority because it directly attacks life itself, because it takes place within the sanctuary of the family, and because of the number of lives destroyed,” declared the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in a new introductory letter to the document, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: A Call to Political Responsibility.

The bishop also addresses recent objections to this language that “abortion remains our preeminent priority” on the grounds that it places too much emphasis on this one particular issue, noting that abortion “is a direct attack on human life, and its permanence in our culture is destroying our society.”

Moreover, he declares, while Catholics debate the importance to be given to the issue, the enemies of life are completely united in promoting it.

For those in this country who are attacking traditional family values abortion is “THE preeminent non-negotiable issue,” he adds, and they are determined “to ensure that this evil never goes away!”

For those on the left, the “litmus test for one’s participation in public office in this country is now determined by their position on abortion,” the bishop states. “Anyone who stands in the way of unlimited and unregulated taxpayer funded access to abortion is now being silenced and systematically persecuted.”

“Yes, while there are many issues that merit our attention and support, abortion most directly attacks life itself,” he writes.

“No one has the right to destroy pre-born human life, yet we have legalized it as a ‘right’ in this country!” he adds. “This is an unspeakable offense against the ‘Lord and giver of life,’ yet we have grown numb to the magnitude of this evil.”

Moreover, he adds, “abortion is so essential to the agenda of those who oppose traditional family values that they force taxpayers to pay for this evil act, which is an affront to their religious liberty.”

“As Catholics, we believe abortion is never an option,” Hanefeldt states. “To support such people because one agrees with them on other issues is to disregard the deepest flaw of moral character: the willful affront to the sovereignty of God as the Lord and giver of life.”

“When Catholics who are hailed as ‘devout’ members of the Church do everything in their power to perpetuate the evil of abortion and support those who champion it, what kind of moral integrity is that?” he asks, in an oblique reference to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. “The priority of the inviolable right to life from the moment of conception must never be compromised.”

“Legalized abortion is bringing about the fall of this nation!” he concludes. “Far from being ‘one nation under God,’ we have become a nation in chaos.”

“If you are tired of the debate, its supporters are not!” he warns.


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