VIDEO: Estimated 1,000 Vehicles Join ‘Trump Train’ Event in Utah

A massive group of vehicles took part in a “Trump Train” event Sunday in St. George, Utah, to show support for the president.

“The parade, which began at noon and finished around 3 p.m., coursed east on St. George Boulevard, then took Red Cliffs Drive and Telegraph Road through Washington City before ending at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane and looped back,” the St. George News reported.

Participant Scott Barrett shared video footage of the event to his YouTube channel, showing a massive line of cars decked out with American flags, Trump 2020 flags, and Thin Blue Line flags.

Photographer Brendan Dally also posted video of the event and estimated the number of vehicles to be over 1,000:

“For over an hour, the train of vehicles rolled east on St. George Boulevard. During this time, it was reported that the train stretched from the boulevard to Sand Hollow in one continuous stream,” the St. George News report stated.

Organizer Jessie Riley told the outlet that when he could not find any local rallies being planned, he decided to start a Facebook page to see if other residents were interested in such an event.

“I really had no idea it was going to turn into this,” he said, adding that the purpose of the event was to give locals a chance to voice their support for the president:

It’s more than loving Trump; It’s about what he’s up against in D.C. because of the fact that he’s not a lifelong politician versus them. But above all, you’ll see far more American flags than you’ll see of any other kind of flag, and we’re all Americans. We’re all patriots. We love the freedom we get to enjoy, and we don’t want to see those stripped away by an agenda that doesn’t line up with those values.

The Trump Train St. George Facebook group currently has over 3,000 members.

“We are supporters of our President Donald Trump and want to show that support on land, in the air and on water,” the page read.


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