***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Arizona Rally

WINSTON SALEM, NC - SEPTEMBER 08: President Donald Trump addresses the crowd during a campaign rally at Smith Reynolds Airport on September 8, 2020 in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The president also made a campaign stop in South Florida on Tuesday. (Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in Tucson, Arizona, on Monday.

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7:42 PM: Trump concludes his rally in what is now a must-win state for him.

7:38 PM: Trump reminiscing about his first speech in Phoenix and how great Arizona has been to him… he said that’s when the fake news started asking, “What’s that all about?”

7:36 PM: Trump vows to stop the “indoctrination of our children” and teach our children to “love our country, honor our history, and always respect our great American flag.”

7:35 PM: Trump vows to end the country’s reliance on China, uphold religious liberty, strike down terrorists and keep American out of ridiculous foreign wars in countries you have never even heard of. Trump talks about maintaining America’s military might and maintaining peace through strength.

7:29 PM: Trump says Arizona has benefited from the wall and mocks Democrats for wanting drones so they can just watch illegals pour across the border.

Trump says Biden continues to attack Border Agents, more than half of whom happened to be of Hispanic heritage. Trump says Republicans will always stand with the heroes of ICE and the Border Patrol. He says Biden’s immigration plan will eliminate U.S. borders with “nationwide catch and release” of murderers and rapists. He says Biden wants to make every community into a sanctuary city.

7:25 PM: Trump says manufacturing production is up 61 percent and he says under Sleepy Joe 401ls will be “cut in half and much worse than that” and you will have a depression. Trump warns Biden will ruin small businesses with lockdowns and devastate families with “massive tax hikes” while “raising war on Catholic organizations.” He says Biden will let “socialists run wild” and and allow more extreme late-term abortions.

Trump predicts that’s why he will win a record share of the Hispanic vote.

7:18 PM: Trump says Biden’s lockdown will crush America and his plan will crush the virus and bring back the American dream. Trump now introducing Arizona’s various elected Republicans. Trump urges voters to vote for Martha McSally to “save your Second Amendment.” Trump says she’s a great fighter pilot. At a previous rally, McSally told voters a fighter pilot is better than an astronaut.

7:16 PM: Trump again says Biden is not on top of his mental game, saying “you can’t let this happen to this country.” Trump now talking about the best doctors only a president can have and about his recovery.

7:12 PM: Trump talking about the “big spike” in Europe and says “we’re rounding the turn” with the big vaccine. Trump says people are “pandemic’d out.” He claims he is now immune and could jump into the audience.

7:06 PM: Trump says he’s running against the left-wing media, the Big Tech giants and the Washington swamp. He says he’s running so the forgotten American is never forgotten again.

7:03 PM: Trump says voters in 2016 elected an outsider who is finally putting America first. He says Biden has always been a “corrupt politician” and “now you have the laptop. It’s over. It’s over.”

Trump again says as far as he is concerned the Biden family is a “criminal enterprise.”

Trump says the media and Big Tech are trying to hide the scandal. He says he’s “their corrupt” and so perfect for them. He says the media knows publicizing these revelations would be the end for Biden.

7:00 PM: Trump says Biden’s war on cops is endangering police officers and vows to always support law enforcement. Trump says the thing that will bring us back together is success.

6:56 PM: Trump says Biden has made a corrupt bargain with the marxists and the communists and the socialists to get the nomination.

Trump now rips Harris for sponsoring the Green New Deal and warns she wants to take private health care away from millions of Americans.

6:53 PM: Trump says Biden wants to “dismantle  your police departments” and “dissolve your borders” and “confiscate your guns” and “ban American energy” and “terminate religious liberty.”

Trump says they also want to “destroy your suburbs.”

6:51 PM: Trump says the election is between a Trump super recovery and a Biden depression. He praises Arizona for being open compared to places like Michigan. He warns Biden will massively raise taxes and put in more burdensome regulations.

6:48 PM: Trump says he’s thrilled to be in Arizona and predicts he’ll win Arizona in 15 days and four more years in the White House. Trump says nobody has ever done what his administration has accomplished in the first three and a half years.

6:45 PM: Trump gets on stage in Tucson, a place the late great Lute Olson put on the map.

6:30 PM: Air Force One about to land, so the rally will start shortly.

6:10 PM: Five rallies a day down the stretch?

6:00 PM: Marine One expected to land shortly.


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