***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Pennsylvania Rally

FORT WAYNE, IN - NOVEMBER 05: U.S. President Donald Trump arrives at a campaign rally for Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun at the County War Memorial Coliseum November 5, 2018 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Braun is facing first-term Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) in tomorrow's midterm election. Trump is campaigning nationwide …
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President Donald Trump will hold a Tuesday evening rally in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times Eastern.

8:43 PM: Trump concludes his rally after saying he didn’t want to keep people too long in the cold.

8:41 PM: Trump says the swamp is “more treacherous” than he thought and says his the heads of his opponents will “explode” on November 3. He says when he wins re-election his opponents will just pack up and leave. He says stocks and 401ks will “drop like a rock” if Biden becomes president.

8:37 PM: Trump claims the drug companies, China, and Iran don’t want him in the White House. He then says “nobody wants me!”

8:35 PM: Trump now talking about his Nobel Prize nominations.

8:33 PM: Trump talks about how our allies are ripping the country off and Biden enabled it before asking: “Where’s Hunter?”

8:29 PM: Trump says he had to take on the corrupt media, the special interests, and the “open-borders lunatics” to secure the border.

8:26 PM: Trump says he doesn’t need to be standing out here in 50 degrees weather if this wasn’t the most important election in the history of the country. Trump says he thinks he’s going to win “big” because of the record-setting lines. Trump says the early vote is “looking good” for him. He says a lot of Americans who didn’t vote because they did not like either candidate are now voting for Trump.

He says he had the election won before he got “hit with the plague.” He says he then had to go back to work to places like Erie and ask people for their vote.

8:25 PM: Trump how ripping Cryin’ Chuck Schumer for wanting catch and release, including for violent MS-13 criminals.

8:23 PM: Trump says Biden’s immigration plan is the most radical ever put forth by a presidential candidate. He says Biden will eliminate U.S. borders.

Trump criticizes Sanders for being a great loser. Trump says he never received the sportsmanship award growing up. Guess no equivalent of Lady Byng trophy on Trump’s mantle.

8:22 PM: Trump says the wall will be completed after “radical opposition.” He insists Mexico is paying for the wall.

8:19 PM: Trump talks about reversing in the last four years all the damage Biden did in 47 years. Trump says Biden didn’t leave Washington long ago and he is always complaining about what things didn’t get done. Trump asks: “Why didn’t he do it?”

He rips Biden for supporting “one cruel betrayal after another” after talking about Biden’s support for NAFTA, the TPP, and endless foreign wars.

8:13 PM: Trump says to vote for him if you want open schools.

Trump: Vote for Biden if you want “boredom.”

He says the media will go out of business because Biden is so boring.

8:12 PM: Trump talking about Europe’s Coronavirus surge. He says vote for Sleepy Joe Biden if you want depression, doom, and despair….and “boredom.”

8:07 PM: After some technical difficulties, Trump jokes it probably wasn’t Joe who messed with his mic. He jokingly blames “Crooked Hillary.” Trump says he will always stand with the heroes of law enforcement while saying Biden is promising mass amnesty and free health care to illegal immigrants.

Trump says after 47 years, Biden knew it was not the right thing to do but raised his hand because everyone else on the radical left were. Trump says he said then: “Thank you, I just won the election.”

Trump now mocking “Fredo’s” terrible ratings on CNN.

8:05 PM: Trump says the forgotten men and women are showing up again in 2020 and the media still don’t want to report it.

“They’ll never be forgotten again,” Trump says, adding that there is more energy and bigger crowds in 2020 than 2016.

8:03 PM: Trump says Pennsylvania is not his home state because “he left you when he was nine.” Trump says he went to college in Pennsylvania. Trump now mocking Biden for taking a five-day lid (like a “garbage can”). He says all Biden does is “stay home” because “he can’t take any questions now from the press.” He says Biden finally went outside yesterday to get an ice cream. He says all the press wanted to know about Biden was what flavor ice cream he liked.

7:58 PM: Trump says Biden has given control of the party over to the socialists, marxists, and communists who are full of hate and rage and scorn for the middle class.

Trump says the Biden-Harris agenda is projected to slash the incomes of Americans by an average of $6,500. He says Biden has been outsourcing your jobs, offshoring your factories, and selling out the American worker for the last 47 years. He says America lost 10,000 factories while he was vice president because he is a servant of the lobbyists, globalists, wealthy donors, and Washington vultures who got rich “bleeding America dry.”

Trump says Biden is “corrupt” and accuses him of letting China “plunder  your jobs” while he was raking in millions. He says China will “own the U.S.A.” if Biden wins. He says the media and Big Tech are desperately trying to cover up everything because they don’t want to hear campaign speeches like this.

7:55 PM: Trump now hammering the “laptop from hell” before warning that Biden will wipe out the energy industry like he wiped out the steel industry. He says only by voting for him can Pennsylvanians save their fracking industry. Loud “USA” chants after Trump says the United States will never be a socialist nation.

7:53 PM: Trump says people will get a “kick out of” what he’ll do to 60 Minutes. He says Lesley Stahl is not going to like it.

Trump now wants to give an “original Donald Trump Broadway play.”

He is playing clips of Biden wanting to end fossil fuels and stopping fracking on the big screen.

7:50 PM: Trump says he’s saving the suburbs and says people don’t like projects being next to their houses. He says Biden will ban fracking and abolish energy. Trump says Sleepy Joe has repeatedly pledged to ban fracking until he got the nomination. Trump says it’s always what they say first. He says Harris sponsors the $100 trillion socialist Green New Deal.

7:48 PM: Trump talks about epic job growth and says normal life will “finally resume” as the “pandemic is ending.” He says next year will be the country’s best economic year. He says Pennsylvania has been shut down long enough and tells voters to ask the governor to open it up.

7:45 PM: Crowd goes wild as Trump’s walkout music starts playing. Trump reminisces about his 2016 victory and says he’ll continue to cut taxes and regulation and support our great police while protecting the Second Amendment. Trump talks about keeping jobs and wealth in America, “where it belongs.”

7:35 PM: Air Force One lands, and the rally will start any minute.

7:15 PM: Trump expected to land shortly:



6:50 PM: Another rally about to get started in must-win Pennsylvania. Trump expected to arrive at the top of the hour.


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