Woman Shot During Capitol Protest Dies, Seven Others Reportedly Hospitalized, 13 Arrests

A woman is wounded on the ground after being shot during a protest at the U.S. Capitol today. Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A woman who was shot during protests at the Capitol on Wednesday has died, according to the D.C. Fire Department and EMS. 

A witness said he was right behind the woman, who defied police orders to retreat from trying to enter the Capitol through a window.

The man, who did identify himself, but his name is not clear in the video, said that he was right behind the woman, who fell on him, leaving blood on his hands.

The man blamed politicians for the violence because they have refused to help ordinary people across the country.

CBS reported on the shooting and the other victims of the protest:

A woman was shot Wednesday and at least seven others were hospitalized amid an unprecedented and chaotic scene in which supporters of President Trump swarmed the Capitol, according to D.C. Fire And EMS. The woman is in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

One of the injured suffered abrasions and fractures from a fall, while another suffered cardiac arrest, officials said.

The attack on the Capitol happened after President Donald Trump spoke to supporters at the White House who are objecting to election results and, on the day that Congress was expected to confirm the electoral college vote for Joe Biden as the 46th president.

The Hill reported 13 people were arrested on Capitol Hill.

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