‘Lacking Cognitive Ability’: Gen Z Voters’ Concern over Biden’s Mental Fitness Grows

Joe Biden
Julia Nikhinson/CNP/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The concern Gen Z voters have about President Joe Biden’s mental fitness and so-called “retiree” lifestyle is growing as his approval rating plummets to an all-time low, polling and voter interviews show.

The latest Monmouth University poll revealed that 61 percent of respondents across all age groups disapproved of Biden’s job performance.

His 34 percent approval rating is down from 44 percent in July, making it the lowest of his presidency.

Gen Z voters joined Fox & Friends First on Wednesday, and one first-generation Nigerian-American university student predicted that young people do not want a president who seems “retired.”

“I don’t mean to rag on the president of the United States, but honestly, he’s acting like a retiree,” Kale Ogunbor, a Republican, said. “It’s been reported that over 40 percent of Joe Biden’s presidency has been spent on vacation. And I think a lot of Americans, including Gen Z, don’t want a president who seems more like he’s retired the next four years after 2024.”

Meanwhile, a recent Axios report revealed that Biden’s “reluctance to acknowledge his physical limitations at age 81 is causing some tension on his team, as senior aides and First Lady Jill Biden push him to rest more and be vigilant about his health going into 2024.”

An October poll from Monmouth also found that 76 percent of voters believe that Biden is too old to effectively serve a second term, compared to only 48 percent who believe the same of former President Donald Trump. 

“Age has definitely been a problem for Biden his whole presidency,” said Ryan Edwards, another Gen Z voter, before going on to explain that the Democrat leader is unable to make “complex decisions”:

I just think that he is lacking the cognitive ability to lead the country … I feel that over the last four years, we have seen a constant decline in his true ability in leading America, and … I think in order to lead the free world, to lead America, you must make hard and complex decisions in the blink of an eye, and I don’t think we have that with Biden.

Yet another young person said Biden’s presidency reminded him of a comedy movie.

“It’s been a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ at the White House ever since January 20, 2021,” 17-year-old future voter Brilyn Hollyhand said. “Biden is clearly in cognitive decline, is clearly being propped up by his staff. The first lady, as you said, Axios is reporting that the first lady is the real commander-in-chief.” 

“We, the American people, did not elect … Jill Biden to be the commander-in-chief, so we’ve got to fix something. We’ve got to see what’s going on here,” he added. 


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