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Carol Moseley Braun's Campaign For Chicago Mayor Is Imploding

Carol Moseley Braun’s Chicago Mayoral bid is collapsing. First she said she wouldn’t release her tax return because she “didn’t feel like it.” Under intense pressure, she flip flopped, and decided to release just a little bit of her tax

Bipartisan Bomb Thrower Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz back in 2007, when Democrats took control of Congress: Self-described proud “minority bomb thrower” (starting : at :13 seconds in the clip below) [youtube MIG-ElrtvVs] Now, as she and her party have been ushered back into the

European Progressives Riot Again In London

European Progressives are rioting over tuition hikes again, simultaneously proving to be the most in need and least deserving of an education. Contrast the Progressive rioting mob against the politicians who are facing reality: [youtube Q0VdRdQcNdA] Wake up, America. To

We Get The Security We Deserve

If you are upset about the Orwellian TSA screening procedures in effect in our nation’s airports, too bad. Our country has gone back to sleep, reverting to a 9/10 military posture vis-à-vis the Jihad being waged against us infidels. How

We Get The Security We Deserve

If you are upset about the Orwellian TSA screening procedures in effect in our nation’s airports, too bad. Our country has gone back to sleep, reverting to a 9/10 military posture vis-à-vis the Jihad being waged against us infidels. How

Do You Recognize Any Of These Progressive Rioters?

Picture: EDDIE MULHOLLAND Other than the fact that it is easy to recognize that these are Progressive Leftists who have fully embraced the cradle-to-grave entitlement society, British newspapers are asking for the public’s help identifying any of the specific people

What Do We Want? F**K You! When Do We Want It? Now!

Let’s take a close look at the pre-printed signs students in London are rioting with, and see if we can follow their argument against fee hikes and funding cuts. The front of their signs all say, “Fund The Future, Stop

Are Jews Finally Waking Up? Better Late Than Never

From an article at the Daily Caller entitled, “Jews speak out against American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee decision to honor Helen Thomas”: Prominent Jewish voices are speaking out against the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s (ADC) decision to honor former White House reporter and

Count Every Military Ballot!

Illinois blogger, Marathon Pundit, is correctly demanding that EVERY military ballot be counted in the land of Lincoln. The GOP had a terrific Election Day in the Land of Lincoln, winning a US Senate seat and at least three House

Dick Durbin Labels All Tea Partiers 'Extremist'

Why is it that the Democrats are so careful not to speak in sweeping generalizations about Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, etc… but when it comes to Conservatives and/or Tea Partiers, Democrats know zero boundaries in their hate speech. From a recent

Gays In The Military Is A Good Thing

Not only are the outstanding men and women of the American Military professional enough to overcome any cohesion issues related to gay soldiers, homosexuals have the added bonus of infuriating our current enemy. Wave of Homophobia Sweeps the Muslim World

Jan Schakowsky Refuses To Answer Tough Questions

On October 17, 2010, Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and her Republican challenger, Joel Pollak, faced off before a largely Jewish audience in Chicago to address Israel-specific foreign policy issues. After the forum was over, we attempted to ask both candidates

Coming Soon – Schakowsky Versus Pollak (Video Preview)

We attended the 3rd candidates’ forum between Democrat Congresswoman, Jan Schakowsky, and her Republican Challenger, Joel Pollak, in their hotly contested race for Illinois’ 9th district. There is a lot of content to process, but in the meantime, we bring

Jan Schakowsky Faces Joel Pollak – Full Report

Below is our full-length report on last Sunday’s Candidates’ Forum with Democrat representative, Jan Schakowsky, and her challenger, Republican Joel Pollak. [youtube y6PEQ5Q2yZ0] As you can see from the video, Jan Schakowsky’s campaign greets our challenging questions on Health Care,

Jan Schakowsky Forced to Defend Obamacare

The following video is a preview of our full report on the recent candidates’ forum in Illinois’ 9th congressional district between Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and her Republican challenger, Joel Pollak. After the forum concluded, the candidates mingled in the crowd

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Terror Targets Tied to Obama's New Party

Two of the targets of last Friday’s raid against “anti-war” revolutionaries were early prominent leaders of Barack Obama’s New Party in Illinois. From the Illinois New Party website on May 5th 1998: Building the People’s Machine in the 35th Ward

9/12 Tea Partiers Reject Obama-As-Hitler Comparison (Video)

While on location in Washington, DC for the 9/12 Tea Party, we came across a couple of people displaying large signs depicting President Obama as Hitler. The signs were the handiwork of repeated Democrat Presidential candidate – and well known

Andrew Breitbart Forces President Obama's Protesters to Fold Up Shop

On Saturday, September 18th, Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart headlined an event entitled “Right Nation 2010,” held just outside of Chicago, Illinois. As you will see in our video report from the scene, when Andrew Breitbart arrived at the Sears

Gay Tea Partiers Discuss Marriage And Bigotry

With the overturning of Prop 8 in California, we thought it would be appropriate to share this clip of a discussion we had last weekend with a couple of gay conservatives who were in attendance at the Uni-Tea Party in

Spotted On The Streets Of Chicago

Uh O. You know His Excellency Presidency is in trouble if people are driving around the streets of Chicago with the messages seen in the photo below. Of course, according to the ever post-racial Shirley Sherrod, this might as well