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NBC And Time Contributor Touré A 9/11 Truther

Times‘ “Ideas writer” and MSNBC contributor Touré (real name Toure Neblett) has recently written about the Republican presidential candidates. Unsurprisingly, arguments are not Touré’s weapon, race is. He also has another little secret: Touré recently wrote a piece for Time

Gwen Ifill Includes Hateful Racialist Tim Wise on Panel

Gwen Ifill of PBS had a “panel of cultural and academic luminaries” at Martha’s Vineyard Performing Arts Center last Wednesday. Their purpose was to have an “effective racial dialogue” with one another. As is typically the case when there is

Tim Wise's Strange Apology to Andrew Breitbart

Tim Wise posted a bewildering response to Breitbart’s tweets regarding the cross-burning libel. The most embarrassing thing about Wise’s response was that it was written as if Breitbart said Wise was accusing him of burning the cross in front of

Tim Wise's Racialist Libel Against Andrew Breitbart

If you don’t know who Tim Wise is, consider yourself lucky. I discovered Wise when I was forced to read his book, White Like Me, for an introductory sociology class. (The book is required reading for college classes across the