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NBC And Time Contributor Touré A 9/11 Truther


Times‘ “Ideas writer” and MSNBC contributor Touré (real name Toure Neblett) has recently written about the Republican presidential candidates. Unsurprisingly, arguments are not Touré’s weapon, race is. He also has another little secret: Touré recently wrote a piece for Time which was nothing more than an exercise in school yard name calling, including the cliché “minstrelsy” charge. He also called Herman Cain a “Clown,” the “black Sarah Palin,” and compares Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain to Flavor-Flav.

In Toure’s latest Time piece (he only manages to mention once that he went to Columbia’s graduate school for creative writing and is an author of numerous books) he accuses Rick Perry of being a birther and a racist:

“In a country where lynchings once doubled an occasion for barbeques — the strangling and perhaps burning of a Black body as the central performance act at a pleasant Southern picnic — why shouldn’t racism be fun for white people?”

Not shy of hyperbole, this was Touré’s response to Rick Perry saying “It’s fun to poke at [Obama] a little bit and say, ‘Hey, let’s see your grades and your birth certificate'”:

“I’m sure Rick Perry senses all this [racism] on a deep, subconscious level. Maybe he couldn’t articulate it but he knows that when he asserts his white maleness on Obama he gets a warm feeling inside. I bet Rick will continue sending coded racist messages at Obama in a desperate attempt to establish himself as the true Alpha white male in the race. Watch for him to refer to Obama as boy or something. Because racism is fun. For him.”

Right. Touré accuses Perry of believing in a conspiracy theory, all the while apparently being sure of what Rick Perry feels on a deep subconscious level, along with picking up on “coded racist messages.” But the craziest thing Touré believes has to do with missiles, the pentagon, and 9/11. Yes, this intellectual and telepathic giant is your standard 9/11 truther and in September of 2009 he sent a succession of Tweets illustrating such.

Van Jones was forced to resign partly bc questions the truth of 9/11 but that Pentagon attack is really fishy…

How could a plane crash into the Pentagon? And not appear on video cameras?? And leave little wreckage??? #Don’tbuyitfiremenow.

This fascinating video raises questions about the Pentagon attack: 757 or missle?

Maybe Touré will scrub those insane tweets and blame it on his cousin, which is what he has done before. Either way, Touré has a credibility problem, along with the media outlets that feature him.


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