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I've Seen the Future and It Is…Safe?

This is an awkward way to begin, but I must start off with two apologies. First I apologize for being too long absent from this site, due to many deadlines, too much travel to wonderful places, and a protracted bout

The Choice: A One Act Play

Characters: Possible: A well-spoken bit of biological material. Mr. Patronus: Possible’s visitor. The Setting: A warm, dark place. (Curtain. Possible is alone on stage when Mr. Patronus enters.) Possible: Who are you? Patronus: My name is Mr. Pratronus. I’m sorry

A Few Watchmen-Eve Predictions

Prepare for the ‘Gunga Diner’ lawsuit. I’m not certain I have anything of worth to say about “Watchmen,” prior to actually seeing it tomorrow, when the rest of the world also gets its chance, but since I was very politely

I played Barnaby too…

When I was seventeen, in the Sunnyside community theatre production of Hello Dolly. Fun time.

In Bruges was so good that…

For about a month after seeing it I didn’t want to speak to anyone who hadn’t seen it. And don’t get me started on those who’d seen it and didn’t like it. They might as well be sleeping with Luca

Best Screenplay

I liked the bits of screenplay-over-filmed scenes. And I love the awards like best screenplay, where people who don’t get to be on stage (and perhaps shouldn’t be) get to think for a moment that this spectacle is about them.

Of course I like showtunes

Are you kidding? I love musicals. I’m one of the eight people in the world who liked Cop Rock.

And here we go…

So Bratt Pitt and Angelina Jolie have just collectively been called a Savior of mankind. Glad no one’s going overboard yet.

New Attorney General: We're A Nation of Cowards

I haven’t been posting lately, because deadlines are well and truly on me. But here’s a quick note about something that caught my eye today. According to the new Attorney General, Eric Holder, speaking today at the Justice Department, we’re

The Ozzie and Harriet Syndrome

A few days ago, in the context of pointing out some of the excesses that typify superhero comic books being published today, I posted my personal mission statement, promising to no longer take part in the superhero decadence trend. As

Superheroes: Still Plenty of Super, But Losing Some of the Hero

Just as all movies aren’t westerns, all comics aren’t superheroes. Far from it. But superheroes are still one of (if not the) dominant genres in the comic book industry, and by far comprise the major output of our two largest