Carl Kozlowski

'Girlfriend' Review: Gem of an Indie Deserves Wider Audience

It’s rare that a movie can come along and sweep away viewers into its world without the benefit of major stars and a whirlwind of hype. But this weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to see an absolutely mesmerizing

How Vera Farmiga's Deep Christian Faith Inspired 'Higher Ground'

Vera Farmiga has lit up the screen in supporting roles for the past few years, first drawing viewers’ and critics’ attention by playing a police psychologist caught between Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio in 2006’s “The Departed” before landing an

Review: 'The Change-Up' Misses Its Target

Last weekend, your choices of new movies at the box office came down to watching apes try to act human in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” and watching grown human men try to act like apes in “The

'Crazy Stupid Love' Review: Great Performances, Witty Script

Man, has it been one rough summer for Tom Hanks. As the writer-director and star of the colossal flop “Larry Crowne,” he no doubt has found plenty of time to wonder why audiences stayed away in droves from his tale

Review: 'Cowboys and Aliens' – Good Times and Merriment

Even in a world where most movie heroes have to take on superpowers before they can fight properly and often find themselves toeing the PC line while saving the world, it’s good to know that some movie concepts are just

'Friends With Benefits' Review: Great Cast In Teriffic Romcom

With eight “Harry Potter” movies, four “Pirates” films, three “Transformers” and two “Hangover” flicks clogging the Hollywood distribution pipeline over the last few years, and “reboots” of movies like “Spider-Man” that are less than a decade old, it might seem

Big Hollywood Interview: 'Terri' Star John C. Reilly

Over the course of 53 films in just over a quarter-century, John C. Reilly has established himself as one of Hollywood’s greatest Everyman actors. Whether playing lovable shlubs in films like “Cyrus” and “Magnolia,” portraying wacky characters in “Talladega Nights”

'Bad Teacher' Review: Bad Movie

Sometimes a movie comes along that is so tone-deaf and utterly incompetent that viewers can only sit back in wonder at just how things could have gone so wrong. “Bad Teacher,” a new alleged comedy starring Cameron Diaz as an

'Thor' Review: Convoluted and Cold

One of the greatest appeals of superhero movies lies in their ability to take ordinary humans and give them the ability to do extraordinary things, whether they’re a teenager flying through New York City by shooting webs in “Spider Man”

'Fast Five' Review: Brilliantly Dumb Fun

I’ll never cease to be amazed at which films manage to spawn a sequel, much less an entire series of followups. There have been a dozen versions of “Friday the 13th,” 10 versions of “Halloween,” three versions of “Porky’s” and


Morgan Spurlock exploded on the American pop culture scene as the star, writer and director of the humorous documentary “Super Size Me” in 2003. In that film, he ingeniously shined a spotlight on the epic of obesity and the rampant

TCM Classic Film Festival: April 28th – May 1st in Hollywood

As the Senior Vice President of programming for the Turner Classic Movies cable TV network and head scheduler of the TCM Classic Film Festival, Charlie Tabesh has a job that most film buffs would die for the chance to have.

Interview: Paul Giamatti on His Work

Paul Giamatti is one of the most unique actors working in films today, since he mixes a bug-eyed exasperation with an intense energy that can make him either immensely lovable or intensely annoying. Ever since he broke through to critical

Interview With 'Ceremony' Star Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman has been gracing the world’s movie screens with her ethereal beauty and unique presence for more than 20 years, ever since her breakthrough role in 1988’s “Dangerous Liaisons” opposite John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer. Since then, she’s helped

'Win Win' Review: Character Comedy With Heart

Mike Flaherty is a simple man, an average Joe living in the New Jersey suburbs with a schulbby body who’s prone to panic attacks, has a struggling law practice and with a wife and two young daughters to support. He