David J. Bobb

Constitution Is Inherently Principled, Not Progressive

In their recent Politico article, “Constitution is inherently progressive,” John Podesta (former chief of staff to President Clinton and current president of the Center for American Progress) and John Halpin argue that the “values” of the Constitution are progressive, not

The BULB Act and the Inertia of the Administrative State

This week, the U.S. House of Representatives is likely to pass legislation–dubbed the “Better Use of Light Bulbs Act,” or BULB Act, for short, that will repeal the now infamous ban on the incandescent light bulb. I’ll resist the temptation

Beware Today's Fourth of July Parade: It Will Make You a Republican!

A recent paper, published by Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, claims that “exposure to Fourth of July at an early age” makes young people more likely to later vote Republican. So before venturing out to the local Independence Day parade

Take the Constitution Seriously–Celebrate Constitution Day

When in October 2009 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was asked about the constitutionality of the individual health insurance mandate, her response was a question, twice asked, “Are you serious?” Are you serious?” Lest one think hers was a

This Is Your Country on Progressivism

Picture an incandescent light bulb. This is your country. Now imagine a compact fluorescent light bulb. This is your country on Progressivism. What does a country on Progressivism look like? To start with, in the evening hours it’s pretty dim.

Transformational Leadership or Constitutional Statesmanship?

Lots of politicians make promises they can’t keep. Statesmen, by contrast, promise less and deliver more. Knowing their own limitations and those of the people they serve, they act according to principles, not just promises. As a presidential candidate Barack

Zinn, Inc.

In a classic episode of the Sopranos, Tony tries to excite his two children about their Italian-American ancestry and the upcoming Columbus Day parade. Tony’s son A.J., eager to show up his fuddy-duddy dad, invokes Howard Zinn’s A People’s History