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RICO Statutes: Good Enough for the Mob, Good Enough for #OccupyWallStreet

Some of the most powerful tools in the hands of government prosecutors–as well as private citizens seeking justice–are the remedies available under the federal RICO statutes. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as RICO, is a

California Lawmaker: Let Boys Be Girls…And Girls Be Boys.

Forget about the National Enquirer, TMZ.com or any other lurid tabloid publication. No need for MAD Magazine or Al Goldstein’s “Screw” Magazine anymore. If you really want to be entertained just go to www.leginfo.ca.gov and read some of the laws

#OWS Protesters: No Permit, No Problem. Bring a Bible, Go To Jail

/CONTRIBUTED IMAGE CHP Officer Darren Meyer, left, arrests Hemet Calvary Chapel elder Mark Mackey on Feb. 2 after Mackey and other church members preached outside the Hemet DMV office, in this photo taken from a YouTube video posted by the

Gang Injunctions May Prevent Further #OccupyWallStreet Crime

The enormous cost to American cities of the Occupy Wall Street “occupations” is now starting to become clear. As of the end of the first two months of the nationwide occupy events, the movement that claims to represent 99% of

Democrats Waging War Against Laws that 'Target' Illegal Immigrants

Sobriety checkpoints have become big business for California law enforcement agencies over the last decade. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration paid for 2,553 checkpoints last year, resulting in hundreds of arrests for driving under the influence. Authorities say the

Fast and Furious: Can Holder, ATF Agents Be Prosecuted?

The family of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry wants answers, and they are growing impatient. Terry is apparently the sole American among countless victims of Mexico’s violent, ongoing drug wars. Drug gangs in that country received a major boost