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Debbie Dooley: Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Drain the D.C. Swamp

I have been politically active for 40 years and during this time I have watched as many Republicans made campaign promise after campaign promise as candidates, then once elected they made grand excuses on why they couldn’t keep their promises. Case in point, the GOP controlled the White House, Senate, and House from January of 2003 until January of 2007. We were disappointed to find that the Republicans passed no meaningful reforms that conservatives clamored for, but instead were mired in corruption scandals. K Street lobbyists had their hooks into elected Republican Leadership and prevented them from passing meaningful change. This was never more evident then when T.A.R.P, aka “Wall Street Bailout”, passed with the support of Democrats, President George W. Bush, and some Republicans in Congress. There were many Republicans opposed to TARP and fought it, but Republican Leadership beat the opposition back. Conservatives were infuriated by this and rightly so. That was one of the catalysts for the Tea Party Movement that was founded in February of 2009.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he was preparing a lawsuit against The New York Times, which published the accounts of two women who accused Trump of groping and kissing them years ago

Tea Party Founder Compares ‘Stop the Steal’ to 2009 Congressional Town Halls

The Republican establishment elitists and Ted Cruz are tone deaf to the message sent by millions of Republican Primary voters. Millions would completely walk away from the Republican Party and never look back if the nomination were denied Trump in a contested convention. It would cause massive damage to Republican candidates all the way down the ticket. The Stop the Steal event and other rallies may actually save the Republican Party from committing political suicide by pressuring delegates in a peaceful way not to turn their back on the will of voters.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks while campaigning at the Hagerstown airport April 24, 2016 in Hagerstown, Maryland.

EXCLUSIVE — Tea Party Founder: An Open Letter to Ted Cruz

I have been fighting for conservative values since 1976 and have been involved as a volunteer in over 40 political campaigns. I have had the honor to have served as a delegate twice to the Republican National Convention.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz

Tea Party Founder: Why I Support Donald Trump for President

Donald Trump is not accepting big donations from Wall Street or big banks, so he will not be indebted to big donors whose interests sometimes conflict with average Americans. I am convinced Trump will fight for the best interests of Main Street – not Wall Street. He has already stood up during his campaign to the special interests that have corrupted the political process.

Donald Trump supporters hold up signs during a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Mabee Center in Tulsa, Okla. Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016.(