Tea Party Founder: Why I Support Donald Trump for President

Donald Trump supporters hold up signs during a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Mabee Center in Tulsa, Okla. Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016.(
AP Photo/Brandi Simons

As one of the 22 co-founders of the national tea party movement, I am concerned over the fact that our nation has moved away from the principles of liberty we were founded on.

I have been an activist fighting for conservative principles since 1976, so I reject individuals and publications that try to tell me what conservatism is.

I have watched over the years as we have allowed deep pocketed special interests to set the agenda in Washington D.C. instead of we the people. These special interests gain support for their agenda, by even principled conservatives, using their millions of dollars of political contributions. Special interests don’t donate millions of dollars without expecting something in return. That is just human nature.

Donald Trump is not accepting big donations from Wall Street or big banks, so he will not be indebted to big donors whose interests sometimes conflict with average Americans. I am convinced Trump will fight for the best interests of Main Street – not Wall Street. He has already stood up during his campaign to the special interests that have corrupted the political process.

This was never so evident as during the recent fight over ObamaTrade. At a time when other candidates stood with Wall Street, Trump stood with Main Street and for American jobs. He strongly believes in American exceptionalism and will put American interests first.

I believe Donald Trump will expand the tea party movement and will bring in millions of new activists that are needed now and for the future.  He has support among the different demographics which the tea party and conservative movement have been working very hard to attract. Because of his wide swathe of support, I believe he will easily defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

As one who has recently changed her views on issues after in depth investigations, I truly believe Donald Trump is now embracing conservative ideology and will be a strong fighter for conservative principles. He has a track record of winning and has already won in relegating Republican establishment darling Jeb Bush to underdog status despite hundreds of millions of dollars in his war chest.

Would any other candidate have been able to accomplish that? Donald Trump stood up for issues important to conservatives and refused to back down-even when under enormous pressure to do so.

Donald Trump has support from many tea party activists nationwide. In Georgia, tea party activists are part of the Trump Leadership team. A survey I sent out to 350 Georgia tea party activists a few weeks ago found that Ted Cruz only had a 10-point advantage over Donald Trump. In talking to activists nationwide, I would expect you would see the same results state after state. Ohio tea party leader Ralph King helped organize delegates for Mr. Trump in Ohio and found much support for Trump among tea party activists.

For these reasons, I am personally endorsing a winner for President – Donald Trump. Please join me and let’s win the battle for the heart and soul of our nation by electing Donald Trump in 2016.

Dooley is one of the 22 national founders of the tea party movement. Twitter – @crimsontider


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