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Reporter Behind New York Times Trump Attack Has a History of Failed Hatchet Jobs

Michael Barbaro’s hit piece on Donald Trump in the New York Times Saturday started unraveling almost as soon as it was published. Even CNN anchors were astonished that Barbaro had no answer to charges of distortion from his story’s lead source. But, for Barbaro, this is just another embarrassing example of a failed attempt to take down a Republican.

Rowanne Brewer Lane MSNBC

Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump Aims at Hillary, Cruz Clears the Way

On the night he effectively became the Republican nominee in the race for the Presidency of the United States, Donald Trump gave a subdued and substantive speech. Flanked by his family, the business mogul looked to start healing the wounds of a tough primary contest by offering praise for Senator Cruz, whom he repeatedly called a “tough, smart competitor,” with “a very bright future.”

Trump Indiana AP Mary Altaffer

Harry Reid Plots Federal Land Grab Near Bundy Ranch

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is hoping the federal government—specifically President Barack Obama’s administration—will grab a stretch of land in Southern Nevada near the infamous Bundy Ranch, now that many in the Bundy group are in federal custody.

Harry Reid slit throat AP

Questions Linger as Tesla Prepares to Launch Model 3

On March 31st, Tesla will unveil its newest all electric vehicle, the Model 3. There is a lot of excitement about the release of the Model 3 because it’s expected that it will include many of the features and designs of both the Model S and Model X at a much lower price point. It is expected that a basic Model 3 will retail for less than $40,000 and will come with a $7,500 “green” government subsidy.

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan