E.V. Bone

The NYT Jumps the Shark, Attacks the Very Notion Of 'Best Friends'

Sometimes the best examples of the New York Times‘s increasingly delusional, anti-rational, anti-American and, let’s face it, anti-human-nature mindset are to be found not on the front page, where their slavish adoration of the Obama Administration continues apace, if somewhat

Morning Feel-Good Video: A Sneering Lefty Professor Gets Booed At Commencement

Sandra Soto, PhD, is a professor of “gender and women’s studies” at the University of Arizona and, naturally, she couldn’t resist getting in her little gender-and-women’s-studies professorial dig at the Arizona immigration law. Hey, we’re all lefty bedfellows here, right?

Supreme Court Bounces McCain/Feingold, NY Times Readers Go Nuts

In his New York Times blog, “The Caucus,” Jeff Zeleny takes a look at the Political Fallout From the Supreme Court Ruling and dishes up a bowl of thin gruel for his mostly anguished readers. Remember Mirror, Mirror, the bearded

Keeping Bill Keller Informed: Diary of a New York Times-Watcher

Back in September, after the Giles-O’Keefe ACORN reveal had blown through the alternative media with Katrina-strength winds, the New York Times‘ public editor, Clark Hoyt (Mr. Collins to the Gray Lady’s Lady Catherine de Bourgh), wondered if just maybe the