Forget Tactical Voting: The Strategic Vote Is UKIP

Reuters/Joshua Roberts

“Eve of poll” is one of the holy days in the liturgical calendar of the political class. It is a red-letter day for politicians, exhausted after weeks of cack-handed lying, evasions and insincere drivel. It signals to them that within 24 hours they will be free of the necessity even to pretend to heed the concerns and wishes of the mug punters who compose the electorate.

Take a careful look at that abject creature, decked out in a gaudy rosette such as ornaments prize-winning sows at agricultural shows, polluting your doorstep. Smirking, cringing, sweating, patronisingly admiring your roses, he has only one desire: to carry out your commands. Concerned about immigration? Why didn’t you say so before? Not one more Rumanian will enter Britain if you return him to Parliament. HS2? Okay, he may have supported it in the last Parliament, but he is now re-thinking his position. Same-sex marriage? Just because he voted for it, that doesn’t mean he likes it any more than you do.

Fast forward a week, or even 48 hours, and the supplicant will be transformed into a braying, opinionated, arrogant dictator, embarking on five more years of imposing on the citizenry the PC prescriptions favoured by the swarming pathogens on the slime-green benches. Throughout that period of electoral reprieve he will never again speak to, much less listen to, a normal, average Briton. His sentiments on returning to the gothic halls of the rats’ nest on the Thames will be: thank God we don’t need to have anything to do with the grisly electorate for another five years.

Enough already. Does anyone with a shred of self respect believe we can allow this travesty to continue? The most perfunctory look at what has been done to our country, over the past half century, by the supposed servants of the public furnishes the most damning condemnation of this rotten system. They have radically transformed the demography of Britain, against the known wishes of the electorate, supplanting the indigenous population with alien cultures and threatening with criminal prosecution anyone who might have the temerity to protest against it.

Our sovereignty has been surrendered to an evil empire dominated by our traditional enemies. Our civil liberties have been trashed. Fundamental issues such as the line of succession to the throne and the definition of marriage have been refashioned on the hoof, without consultation (or, in the case of marriage, with a consultation whose unwelcome outcome was ignored). And so on. The litany of outrages, major and minor, is endless. Everybody knows about it, few people feel they can do anything to improve the situation.

Those few, however, are growing in number and for one simple reason: they now have a vehicle through which they can give their dissatisfaction (to put it mildly) practical expression. That vehicle is UKIP. The BBC, the rest of the commentariat and the political class have strained every nerve to crush UKIP. They have failed. The contrast between the ludicrous behaviour of the legacy party leaders – Ed Miliband (batteries not included) unveiling a tombstone, with no apparent sense of the irony of the situation, and Dave making his “pumped-up” speech (dear God!) – and the imperturbable common sense with which Nigel Farage has uttered palpable home truths in the face of acute provocation has not been lost on the public.

For British patriots there is only one dog in this race and it is UKIP. The time for tactical voting (except in one unique circumstance) is over. Reluctantly supporting one legacy party in the hope of blocking an even more loathsome one was a tactic born of desperation in the days when there was no alternative. But now there is an alternative. It is time to put away the constituency statistics, the despairing calculations of candidates likely to beat other, more hated, candidates and vote positively. There is one party that broadly represents the aspirations of all of us who are outraged by our country’s decline. It would be perverse not to support it. Tomorrow is payback time for Dave and the rest of the political pondlife.

There is one caveat. For Scottish voters the preservation of the Union is the sole issue. When a patriotic British party eventually comes to power, there must still be a Britain for it to restore to greatness. There is a case in Scotland for supporting whichever candidate has the best prospect of defeating Sturgeon’s Maoists. Many London-based media are behaving as if the SNP is some kind of new force, like UKIP. That is nonsense: it is another legacy party, founded in the 1930s when many of its leading lights were notorious for their Nazi sympathies. That menace must be halted. If it invades Westminster the legacy Quislings will remorselessly betray England to gain its parliamentary support.

Everywhere else, tactical voting is irrelevant. If, at last, a political party is representing our views we would be insane not to vote for it. Many patriotic voters will be disappointed by the outcome of this election because it will not sweep away the legacy parties at a stroke. They should not be disappointed: there is no likely outcome that will not hole the legacy parties below the waterline. We should entertain both high and low expectations of this election. High because, in the long term, it will mark the point of no return for the current political class; low because it is unlikely to be spectacular and apocalyptic this time out.

Forty-eight hours from now, whatever happens at the polls, the political establishment will be significantly diminished in power, to a degree we could not have hoped for five years ago. That is the key fact to bear in mind, regardless of the details of the result. So, no more tactical voting; our vote now must be strategic and that strategy is to advance the influence and credibility of UKIP until the day when it is eventually empowered to mend broken Britain.


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