Calais Crisis: Just Part of an Invasion That Exposes Dave’s Impotence

Calais Crisis
Rob Stothard/Getty Images

Hour by hour, the migrant crisis at Calais diversifies and worsens – or, as the mainstream media terms it, lessens. The latest comedy caper is the walk of one solitary migrant through the Channel Tunnel. The Sudanese illegal immigrant was stopped just a few kilometres from the tunnel exit at the English end.

He will now appear at Medway Magistrates’ Court where some ineffectual penalty will be imposed, after which he will be free to melt into the British population for the rest of his life.

Migrants, as it is etiquette to term them, are now targeting ferries sailing to England, guided by British anarchists who regard promoting their influx as a useful way of undermining society. Others are still smuggling themselves onto lorries bound for the UK: they know that if they can just reach British soil their residence here will be guaranteed for 20 generations.

The spectacle that confronts us beggars belief. The French government, the British government and the EU authorities that claim to rule the destinies of hundreds of millions of Europeans are limp, helpless and prostrate in the face of invasive aggression by 5,000 illiterate criminals. We can deduce from this how vigorous the response would be to an attack by Spetznaz special forces at the command of Vladimir Putin.

So ineffectual has the rule of the Westminster and Brussels pseudo-governments become that the intervention of Putin, a man who has not forgotten how to govern in the interests of those he rules, would now be welcome to many despairing EU helots, trapped under a regime of ineffectual, liberal political correctness that defers eternally to the enemies of Britain and Europe.

Future historians will struggle in vain to understand the suicidal masochism that impelled politicians to hand over the continent that is the cradle of civilisation to a devastating invasion. But they will struggle even harder to comprehend why the inhabitants of so many countries meekly submitted to conquest.

All is not lost, however. We are privileged to have as our resolute, defiant leader Winston Spencer Cameron. Be easy, Dave is on the case. “We will fight on the beaches…?” No need. Dave is despatching to Calais a “surge” of private security guards. If the term “surge” seems imprecise, you should know it means 100 private individuals with no legal powers and heavily inhibited by health and safety restrictions.

But there are also sniffer dogs on the way, though “security considerations” prevent ministers saying how many. Not to mention several hundred yards of wire fence – why did we not think of that in 1940, then we could have slept secure, knowing the German invader could never penetrate our defences. Today, the German invader is himself heavily invaded. The population of Germany is 20 per cent immigrant in origin.

In Britain, Migration Watch, the one organisation whose statistics have proved consistently reliable, estimates there are around 2 million illegal immigrants in this country. Often the authorities know where they live. Frequently they exhaust even the labyrinthine appeals system imposed by European law and their deportation is decreed by British courts. Lest anyone misunderstand the meaning of the term “deportation”, it entails leaving the court building and spending the remainder of your life in Britain without anyone being so discourteous as to detain you, escort you to an airport and send you back to your country of origin.

There have been criticisms of Dave for going on holiday during the Calais crisis. That is unfair: in what way could the presence of a political eunuch such as Dave influence events? In any case, he is in disgrace with the PC establishment for referring to “a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean”. This was one of Dave’s periodic attempts to talk tough, which he regards as a convenient substitute for acting tough.

However, it infuriated acting Labour leader Harriet Harridan, who said: “I think it’s a very worrying turn that he appears wanting to be divisive and whip people up against the migrants in Calais.” Good to know that, in this crisis, Labour is in command of the situation. The Party We Love has made it clear that, when we are being invaded by an influx of millions, we must speak courteously of the invaders.

In fairness, the notion that Dave, or any other of the girlie men in the pseudo-Conservative Party, is seriously opposed to uncontrolled immigration is an unsustainable fantasy. Since the demonisation of Enoch Powell by the traitor Ted Heath in 1968, Britain has lost control of its borders. So, now, has Europe. The greatest civilisation in human history is being liquidated by a numerically insignificant coalition of Westminster canaille, BBC propagandists, a complicit media, the judiciary and the Guardian readership, mirrored among the equivalent PC forces on mainland Europe.

But those who are most to blame are the supine electorate who, as recently as last May in Britain, voted into power one of the anti-national legacy parties that dissolved our borders and has endorsed every aggression against our national security and identity. When a society is too effete to defend its existence, it is doomed to extinction.


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