Nicky Morgan and OFSTED’s Anti-Christian Commissars Are Not Fit for Purpose


So, these weirdoes started to harass girls as young as 10, asking them questions about sex, about what lesbians do, about whether they felt they were in the wrong body, causing them acute embarrassment and eventually reducing at least one to tears. “How have you learned how to make a baby?” was one of the questions.

Better call Plod fast and get these pervs’ collars felt, would be the reaction of most normal people. If this harassment had come from unsavoury looking men in grubby anoraks with scurf on the collar, lurking around school gates, their feet would not have touched the ground. But that recourse was not open to angry parents on this occasion, since the questioning came from Ofsted inspectors with an agenda to close down Christian schools.

The two main establishments victimised by Ofsted commissars last November were Durham Free School and Grindon Hall Christian School, in Sunderland. Durham Free School has had its funding withdrawn, on the direct orders of Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, and will shut its doors at Easter. Grindon Hall has been put into “special measures” as a result of the inspection and has been downgraded from the best performing school in the area to the worst. Academic performance is irrelevant: all that counts is pupils being “prepared for life in modern Britain” – coded language for multiculturalism and cultural Marxism.

But the inspectors were not just promoting aggressive secularism: there was one religion they held in such high esteem that ignorance of it was deemed a reason for penalising educational establishments. And what religion could that be, do you think? What sealed the fate of Durham Free School was a boy admitting he didn’t know what a Muslim was. Pressed for an answer, he made a reference to terrorism.

That did it. What kind of education is being offered to a pupil who has not absorbed the fundamental maxim that 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, ISIS, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and all similarly embarrassing phenomena have nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to do with Islam? How many times do the political class, the BBC and the progressive consensus have to articulate this sacred truth before the dumb masses get it?

On harassment of Christian schools Ofsted has previous. After an inspection last October, Trinity Christian School in Reading was warned it could face closure for failing to invite imams and other religious leaders to take assemblies. Ofsted inspectors at Grindon Hall expected pupils to celebrate religious festivals of other faiths, against the consciences of staff, pupils and parents.

If parents of pupils at these Christian schools had wanted their children to be ministered to by imams they would have sent them to a madrassa. The supposed justification for Ofsted’s “British values” campaign is the “Trojan Horse” plot by Islamists to take over British state schools. Apparently, being forced to learn about Islam is a British value; some of us were so uninformed as to regard it as a shariah principle.

Whenever you want to expose the lies and hypocrisy of the political class and its rabid PC commissars, a useful rule of thumb is to conjure up the reverse side of the coin. Would Ofsted inspectors visiting a Muslim school have interrogated 10-year-old girls about lesbianism, transsexuality and how babies are conceived? Would they have threatened such schools with closure for failing to have a rabbi or a Catholic bishop conduct assemblies? Would they have demanded that pupils celebrate festivals of other faiths, such as Passover, Divali, or Corpus Christi?

Why does one have a sneaking suspicion the answer is no? The apparent incongruity of Ofsted promoting secularism and Islam in tandem is not a unique phenomenon. The establishment reaction to the Charlie Hebdo atrocity was to promote a march for secularism in Paris, invite imams to participate and treat Islam as the victim rather than the inspiration of the perpetrators.

The golden rule is: in all circumstances, persecute Christianity, close its vestigial education outlets and replace genuine British values with fabricated ones predicated on Frankfurt School Marxism. The headmaster of Grindon Hall has revealed the lead inspector told him the inspection “had been personally authorized by the Secretary of State”.

The Education Secretary is Nicky Morgan, whose religion is listed as “Christian” in biographical reference works and who voted against same-sex marriage. That disqualified her from the Equalities portfolio; but on promotion to Education Secretary she announced her Damascene conversion to homosexuals marrying, so that she now holds the Equalities portfolio as well as Education.

Her anti-Christian agenda smacks of an attempt to ingratiate herself with the PC lobby. Is there anything more nauseating than a politician? Happily, as MP for Loughborough, she is sitting on a highly vulnerable 3,744 majority, so is unlikely to pollute public life beyond early May. Get her out. It is also time to abolish Ofsted and its intolerant, anti-Christian commissars with an agenda half-Marxist, half-Shariah. Neither the Minister nor Ofsted is fit for purpose – except, perhaps, Common Purpose. The dustbin of history beckons.


PS Apologies to all who read last week’s piece in which, by a keyboard slip, Simon de Montfort, dictator of England in 1265, was referred to as 5th Earl of Leicester, when in fact he was the 6th earl. Kudos to ‘Perseus Slade’ for pointing out this solecism. To compensate readers, here is some additional information regarding De Montfort. A less known fact about this supposed parliamentary champion is that he was also the 25-greats-grandfather of Dave, now gloriously reigning.

De Montfort’s six-greats-granddaughter Elizabeth Woodville married Edward IV and their granddaughter Margaret Tudor married James IV of Scotland. Their great-grandson James VI and I was the five-greats-grandfather of William IV who, through his liaison with the actress Mrs Jordan, was the five-greats-grandfather of David Cameron, making Dave a 25-greats-grandson of Simon de Montfort.

Since Dave’s wife Samantha is the eight-greats-granddaughter of Charles II and Nell Gwynn, she is the 10-greats-granddaughter of James I and therefore Dave’s 11th cousin twice removed. She is also the 21-greats-granddaughter of Simon de Montfort. Through his descent from William IV, Dave is the present Queen’s 5th cousin twice removed. The great thing about Tory modernisation is that it constantly brings new blood into government.


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