The PC Police State Is Finally Terrorising Even the Police

The PC Police State Is Finally Terrorising Even the Police

Policemen on the run. Who could have envisaged such a concept? That police officers in Britain’s second city would be constrained to travel to and from work out of uniform – effectually in disguise – in fear of their lives. That they would be obliged to turn their police stations into fortresses, besieged by the threat of terrorism.

Yet that is the situation in Birmingham today. West Midlands Police have gone undercover, not to track down criminals but to ensure their own safety. Yet these are our supposed protectors, the guardians of law and order. Could anything illustrate more dramatically the humiliation of Britain than this inversion of the natural order of things? First British soldiers, now the police – the forces of the Crown are living like outlaws in the country they are meant to defend.

As regards the police, cynics will opine that this situation will impede them in their vital duties of breathalysing spinsters driving home after a glass of sherry at a pre-Christmas party or persecuting Christian preachers and B & B owners, which are their principal preoccupations today.

For the unpalatable reality – to doctrinaire liberals – is that the enforcers of the politically correct, multicultural fascist state that shamelessly usurps the title “parliamentary democracy” are in turn falling victims to the forces they have nurtured. The police who directed the heaviest sanctions of the law against anyone who dared to criticise the “diversity” the political elites imposed on this country are now as beleaguered as the rest of us.

This situation, which amounts to an existential crisis for Britain, did not simply happen. It was not Act of God, nor an unforeseen misfortune that came as a bolt from the blue. It was engineered over half a century and foreseen from the beginning. By a supreme irony, it was most notably foreseen and denounced as long as 46 years ago in that same city of Birmingham whose police force is now in terror-inspired lockdown.

In 1968 Enoch Powell returned to his native Birmingham to deliver a speech in which he warned of the consequences of uncontrolled immigration. For that outrage against the then embryonic PC orthodoxy he was called “racialist” and “evil” and was deprived of his political career. Yet a Gallup poll showed that 74 per cent of the British public agreed with him and only 11 per cent disagreed.

Consider the significance of those figures. They demonstrate that in 1968 the political class abandoned representation of the majority and identified itself exclusively with the elitist 11 per cent minority. It was able to do so by the anti-democratic device of cross-party consensus, leaving the electorate with nobody to vote for who would execute the popular will.

This conspiracy – to give it its proper name – had already been pioneered in 1965 when MPs abolished capital punishment against the known wishes of the overwhelming majority of people in this country. The politicians were joined in their treason by the media, which excluded politically incorrect views from our television screens, radios and newspapers. They were given a pretext to do this by the passing of increasingly tyrannical statutes that progressively suppressed freedom of speech.

Enoch Powell’s speech had primarily been directed against Labour’s Race Relations Act 1968, which he rightly saw as an attempt to close down debate on the most important issue affecting the national interest: the artificial engineering of a massive alteration of the demography of Britain. Today, the suppression of freedom of speech has been expanded to cover all areas of contention.

This week’s YouGov poll on the subject disclosed that 41 per cent of Britons do not feel free to speak their minds. Of that enormous proportion of the population, 38 per cent cited fear of prosecution. Out of those polled, 31 per cent admitted to self-censoring on the topics of immigration or religion – and it is a fair bet the religion concerned was not Methodism. More than a quarter of respondents felt gagged on the issues of homosexual marriage, abortion and euthanasia.

On the other hand, 12 per cent thought people were too free to speak their minds. That shows a startling symmetry with the 11 per cent who opposed Powell’s views 46 years ago. That is the “liberal” elite that has gagged what was once the most freely outspoken country in the world.

Hate crime (more accurately Thought Crime) has reversed the long progression since Magna Carta towards equality under the law. So-called “aggravated” offences have created increased sentences for crimes, real or contrived, against privileged minorities, just as offending against a Norman baron once carried much heavier penalties than for attacking a Saxon churl.

The political class has destroyed Britain. Now, the electoral monopoly of the three complicit legacy parties has been broken by UKIP: at last a mechanism exists for dislodging them and repealing their anti-British laws. We must avail ourselves of that opportunity – the sole prospect of dismantling a police state in which even the police are now terrorised by the forces unleashed by demented “equality and diversity” dogma.


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