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Apple Reportedly Avoids $59 Billion in Taxes

Big tech companies are safeguarding billions of dollars in offshore tax havens, according to a new study. Apple alone, the biggest offender, is stashing $181B in revenue with an estimated tax burden of $59.2B. In other words, Apple’s taxes could pay for nearly the entirety of President Obama’s plan for free two-year community college (an estimated $60B).

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Silicon Valley Suddenly Cares About Speaker Fight

(Ferenstein Wire) – The tech industry, now one of the largest private sector lobbying forces in Washington DC, hasn’t had much to say as Republicans scramble to find a new Speaker for the House of Representatives. But now, Congress’s geekiest member, Representative Darrell Issa, is “considering” putting his hat in the ring and has turned heads in the well-heeled tech halls of D.C.

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Europe Drops the Hammer on Tech Startups over Edward Snowden Leaks

(Ferenstein Wire)—The technology industry is scrambling to understand how it will continue business in Europe, after the continent’s high court struck down a privacy agreement that protected U.S.-based companies operating abroad, known as Safe Harbor.


Uber Discovers What Happens to Consumers if Surge Pricing Is Regulated

A technical glitch during New Year’s Eve turned out to be an information treasure trove for Uber. Last New Year’s Eve in NYC, the surge pricing algorithms failed and didn’t allow Uber to incentivize more drivers to get on the road with higher pay, just as partygoers rushed to call drivers; only 1 in 4 of users who wanted a driver actually got one.


Uber CEO Spells Out His Endgame, in 2 Quotes

Since Uber began getting regularly hammered in the press for its aggressive political tactics and potential legal violations, the once outspoken CEO hasn’t given the public much direction about the future of the multibillionaire transportation company.

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Two Fundamental Reasons Why Every Taxi App Fails to Compete with Uber

(Ferenstein Wire)—The taxi industry has launched yet another high-profile attempt to conquer their arch nemesis Uber. The upcoming Arro, like many of its predecessors, is an app for hailing and paying for a taxi, much like other ride-hailing companies out of Silicon Valley. Every similar app, so far, has either completely shut down shortly after launch or failed to slow the rise of Uber.

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Censor-Ception: European Court Orders Google to Remove Links to News about Removing Links

(Ferenstein Wire) – A European agency has taken the “Right to Be Forgotten” to the next level: Google may be forced to remove links to news reports on why the search giant had to remove the links in the first place. Europe has pioneered a new legal concept that permits individuals to force search engines to remove links to information about themselves that they find incriminating or embarrassing.

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The NYT’s Amazon Story Ignores (a Lot) of Public Data

The New York Times caused a stir in Silicon Valley with a viral article claiming that brutally exploits its white collar workers with unforgiving management practices. The investigation caused such an outcry that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos personally responded with an email to employees assuring them that “callous” management practices wouldn’t be tolerated.


CEOs of Silicon Valley’s Top Firms Reveal Diversity

Silicon Valley often gets knocked for a lack of diversity, but historically excluded groups are making an impressive showing at the top spot of the most valuable companies. Just looking at the top ten companies based in Silicon Valley by NASDAQ market cap, 40% are run by someone who is a woman, an immigrant, or non-white. By individual demographics, 20% are women, and 30% are foreign-born.


Clinton Courts Silicon Valley with Higher Education Overhaul Plan

Hillary Clinton is directly courting Silicon Valley in her $350 billion plan to overhaul higher education. Clinton will reveal the full details of her plan at an upcoming talk in New Hampshire, but she has released the major tenets to news outlets.

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How Many Latinos Need to Support Republicans for There to Be Future Conservative Presidents?

(Ferenstein Wire) — White Americans are slowly dwindling into the minority, which poses big problems for Republicans. Democrats’ popularity with minorities has helped them snag the presidency in recent elections. By 2024, Republicans may need to blow past George Bush’s 2004 historic record with Latinos (44 percent) in order to ever have a shot again at another conservative president.

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Twitter Is Still Very Liberal: A Socialist ‘Wins’ a Republican Debate Edition

(Ferenstein Wire) — Twitter still hasn’t solved its liberal bias problem; during a Republican presidential debate Thursday night, a self-declared European-style socialist scored the most popular tweet of any candidate. Democrat Bernie Sanders snagged a whopping 29,000 retweets (and counting) for slamming Republicans for “not one word about economic inequality, climate change, Citizens United or student debt.”

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Which Republican Americans Are Most Curious About

(From The Ferenstein Wire) — The Republican field for president is massive, and conservative contenders are scrambling to stand out from the crowd. Polls tend to swing wildly from month-to-month, as new candidates enter the race or happen to get into a headline-making story.

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Uber Wins Fight Against New York Mayor Bill De Blasio—for Now

Uber just won a huge political battle. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has dropped a proposal to place caps on the number of Uber cars on city streets, according to a statement released by Uber’s New York general manager Josh Mohrer.

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Netflix’s Incredible 6X Growth

Netflix is on a roll. The video streaming giant has grown 6x in the last 6 years, expanding from roughly 10.3 million subscribers in 2009 to an astounding 65.6 million in the second quarter of 2015.

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Hillary Clinton’s Big Speech Leaves Uber and Airbnb’s Future in Limbo

Hillary Clinton just laid out her economic agenda, and ambiguous statements about companies like Uber and Airbnb leave the entire sharing economy industry in limbo. Clinton said she “vows to crack down on employers who misclassify workers as independent contractors.” She also noted that the “so-called gig economy offers exciting opportunities but raises hard questions about workplace protections and what a good job will look like in the future.”