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Discovery Channel Gunman Was Obsessed with 'Parasitic Human Infants'

It is now well-known that Discovery Channel gunman James Lee was insanely hostile to “disgusting human babies,” and although the MSM hasn’t specifically addressed why Lee focused his obsession on Discovery/TLC, he was clear in his manifesto about one critical

MSM Scoffs At 'Black Children Are an Endangered Species' Campaign

On January 25 a whopping 62 billboard signs sprang up in African-American neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia, all with the same message: “Black Children are an Endangered Species.” The two groups sponsoring the billboard campaign, Georgia Right to Life and the

James O'Keefe, protector of African-American Children

The Left accusing James O’Keefe of being racist against blacks is the equivalent of accusing Oskar Schindler of being racist against Jews. Before O’Keefe became famous throughout the world for his undercover sting of ACORN, he was celebrated in the

Why Are Feminists Trying to Abort the Tim Tebow Pro-Life Ad?

Pro-abort blogger Jenna Henry Hansen at the Huffington Post is typical of many in her dwindling tribe who feel the need to add this caveat when discussing abortion: Every time I discuss abortion I find it necessary to mention that