Kerri Toloczko

Obama's Campaign Against Fossil Fuels Driving Energy Prices Higher

Obama's Campaign Against Fossil Fuels Driving Energy Prices Higher

Dinosaurs would be surprised to discover they have a key role in the 2012 Presidential election bid, as incumbent President Barack Obama is running from their remains as if being chased by T. Rex himself. The Administration hates fossil fuels.

President Obama's Dangerous Missile Defense Shell Game

President Obama's Dangerous Missile Defense Shell Game

What do you get when you cross successful homeland defense missile testing with the Administration’s defense budget? Funding cuts. As strange as it sounds, that is precisely what faces Congress as it assembles its annual defense spending bills. On May

A Hot, Mad Pharmaceutical Mess

A Hot, Mad Pharmaceutical Mess

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores is hosting its annual RX Impact Day in Washington, DC this week.  Its official, plain vanilla agenda lays out two days full of member events, Capitol Hill briefings and appointments with key Members

Back to the Future for Meaningful Healthcare Reform

In the months between George W. Bush’s first Inauguration in January of 2001 and the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Republicans in both Houses of Congress were busily patting themselves on the back for retaining control of Capitol Hill and gaining

The Last Frontiersman: Malcolm Wallop RIP

To the public, Senator Wallop was a tall imposing man, quick to point out inherent errors in liberal thinking, but quicker still to share his love of country and his conservative ideas. He served in the Senate from 1977 to

The Promise of 9/11 Is Within Each of Us

On September 11, 2001, I was supposed to be on Flight 77 on the way to guest on ABC’s Politically Incorrect in LA that night. Even though the appearance conflicted with a conference I was hosting in DC with a

Mugging Soap: The Left Finds Cash In Bubbles

“In recent injury/product liability news, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) filed a lawsuit against the FDA alleging it failed to regulate toxic substances in certain consumer products.” Thus began the latest manufactured consumer crisis illustrating the powerful union between

Will Selling Out Mean Selling More for Walmart?

When First Lady Michelle Obama held a press conference last January to announce a collaboration between Walmart’s new “Nutritional Charter” and her “Let’s Move” Campaign, she was heralding more than just an alliance with the world’s largest retailer and grocer.

Minority Students Get the Short End of Democrat Stick

Recent student protests against tuition increases in the U.K. and California demonstrate that such upticks invoke strong reactions in student communities and can quickly spiral out of control. For two years President Obama and Congressional Democrats have pushed federal policies

The Plastic Follies: Presented by EPA Bureaucrats and Trial Lawyers

The first plastic was created in 1855 by British metallurgist Alexander Parkes. As nobody knew quite what to do with it, plastic remained obscure until the 1890’s when another Brit developed polymers called “silicones.” By 1910, plastic was a fully

Trial Lawyers Use Social Media to Troll for Lawsuits

Sometimes being in the baby poo business means you just can’t win. If your disposable diapers take too much room in landfills, environmentalists boycott you. If you update old diapers, a handful of parents complain about the new. If a

Wait, Pay, Cough: FDA Seeks To Limit Consumer Access to Cough Medicine

Five years ago when Congress was considering a requirement that nasal decongestants be placed behind the counter to combat their use in methamphetamine production, I was one of many policy analysts who argued against this restriction. I believed it would

Manufacturing Jobs for the GOP

As pre-November primaries come to an end, inquiring political minds will be asking Americans, “What is the singularly most important issue that will drive you to vote this year?” Almost certainly, the answer will be “jobs.” Republican proposals to reduce

Every Tanker Delayed is an Airman at Risk

The United States Air Force was handed good news on March 23rd when the World Trade Organization made its final ruling on a complaint brought by the United States Government. It found that $178B in launch aid given to France-based