Kerry J. Byrne

Hey GOP: Lead. Follow. Or Get Out of the Way

Tea Party conservative Christine O’Donnell knocked off longtime Republican insider milquetoast Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican primary Tuesday for the Senate seat once held in a lockbox by Vice President Joe Biden. It’s another victory for the GOP rank

Bottoms Up! New Beer Aids Veterans' Charities

Yes, it’s true my home state of Massachusetts is the native habitat of that frigthening political specter, the moonbat. But not everyone in the Bay State is lefty loon. Some are downright proud to be American, and enthusiastically support our

D-Day: When Dems and the N.Y. Times Prayed for America

I was in Normandy in June 2004 for the 60th anniversary of D-Day when I picked up a souvenir front page of the New York Times from June 7, 1944, which reported on the invasion of the day before. I

Palin, Northeast Elitism and a Bostonian's View of Tea Party II

We Bostonians fancy ourselves a sophisticated, intelligent type of folk, even if it manifests itself in a quirky local vernacular, foul-mouthed self-righteousness and a self-absorbed elitism built upon the glory days of 1775, back when we ruled the school. New

Time to Remove 'Liberal' from the Leftist Lexicon

In my other life, I’m a food writer for The Boston Herald – a cultural raisin in the sun in the far-left world of food journalism here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. So I was shocked, during a dinner

Leftists Have No Right to Strip Faith from American History

The left has been at war with traditional American values for decades: the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, free enterprise, Christianity. All are objects of scorn and ridicule by those who hope to “remake America” – to use President Obama’s phrase

Pilgrims and Minutemen: Lessons for the Left from 1623 and 1776

Misguided leftists can learn a lot from American history. They can learn a lot, specifically, from the lessons provided us by the Pilgrims clinging to life on the Massachusetts coast in 1623 and by the wide-eyed British invaders who set

Health Care and the Left's Perverted Definition of 'Rights'

One way that leftists have managed to keep alive their dead, defeated, bankrupting theories on issues like so-called health care is by perverting the definition of very basic terms. The word “right” is one of the most glaring examples of