Palin, Northeast Elitism and a Bostonian's View of Tea Party II

We Bostonians fancy ourselves a sophisticated, intelligent type of folk, even if it manifests itself in a quirky local vernacular, foul-mouthed self-righteousness and a self-absorbed elitism built upon the glory days of 1775, back when we ruled the school.

Palin Tea Party

New Englanders, for example, boast t-shirts and bumper stickers which tell us that the “Yankees suck” — despite the 27 World Series rings for the Bronx Bombers and the seven for the Red Sox that would seem to indicate that we, in fact, are the ones who suck.

We also call Boston The Hub, as in the Hub of the Universe. That’s right. Our tiny little city’s got megalomania issues … which probably explains why 90 percent of diversity-loving voters in Brookline and Cambridge pulled a lever for Obama in November 2008. No Bostonian worth his chowder, by the way, has ever called the city Beantown.

The intellectual elitism is so profound here that the average plumber in Boston — and I come from a long, proud line of Local 12 guys — thinks that he’s wicked smaht, smahtah even than a brain surgeon from Alabama. It’s just the way we’re raised — snobbish old blue-blood Brahminism adopted by everyone from Boston’s nouveau riche to the old Irish-Catholic working class.

So the arrival of Sarah Palin in Boston Wednesday was like a visit by an alien being from the planet of idiots in the eyes of the local so-called intelligentsia.

Naturally, with so much brain power and so many institutions of higher education here in the Hub, there’s an obvious question to ask: What did we Bostonians learn from Sarah Palin’s romp through town Wednesday for Boston Tea Party II?

Well, here’s what we learned. We learned that nobody is more intolerant and more illiberal than the angry faux-intellectual “leftists” who still infect Boston politics, media and academia like a nasty case of herpes that won’t go away.

As noted in a recent post here on Big Government, I stopped calling them “liberals” years ago. Today’s so-called “liberals,” especially here in Boston, are nothing but angry leftist ideologues, not true liberals in the classical sense. Their unhinged reaction to Palin is proof.

Consider our lefty friends at the former newspaper turned big-government mouthpiece called The Boston Globe: “Palin has yet to show a shred of intellectual depth, nor much capacity for anything other than superficial analysis,” wrote one Globie Thursday.

Ahh, the profound “Palin is stupid” argument.

Ironic words from a publication that a) fails to understand the basics of economics; b) beats the racially divisive drum of identity politics with the wide-eyed lunacy of Keith Moon; c) is a vapid mouthpiece for failed leftist ideology and ideologues; and d) whose one tired solution to every social ill is “more government.”

Please, Globe. Learn to balance a budget or spare us the lecture.

(By the way, my paper, the Herald, ran four homepage stories Tuesday about the upcoming Tea Party; the Globe led its Tuesday coverage with a photo essay about 40 years of gay pride in Boston. We can’t make this stuff up.)

But the attacks from the Globe were nothing like the anger we saw at The Weekly Dig, a local outlet here in Boston for crazy lefty causes. It ran artwork labeling Palin a “bitch,” a “moron” and a Nazi. Apparently, in lefty circles, you’re a Nazi when you advocate less government, individual gun rights, Zionism and Christian values – you know, a complete contradiction of Nazism.

Those clever little lefties must be too bright for me.

Then there were the over-educated and ponytailed “moonbats” (the word for “crazy lefties” that’s common in Boston vernacular). They showed up Wednesday to assault members of an otherwise peaceful Tea Party. One moonbat was wrapped in a Cuban flag with the face of Che Guevara on it. Brilliant! The flag of a socialist hellhole that’s so poor and corrupt that people risk their lives to escape to the U.S. on leaky homemade balsa-wood boats, coupled with the image of a bloodthirsty commie revolutionary.

Boston Tea Party 4-10 che flag

Personally, I’m still waiting for Michael Moore to defect so that he can go to one of Cuba’s world-class hospitals and get that stomach-stapling operation he so desperately needs.

But then again, I’m probably not bright enough to comprehend the tolerant and sophisticated intellectual nuance of the Che-Cuba imagery.

Finally, a lefty friend of mine summed up her side’s feelings in a post on my Facebook page: “We hate Palin because she’s stupid.”

Again, the “stupid” argument. I had to remind my lefty friend that “hate” conflicts with the alleged leftist ideals of open-mindedness, tolerance and love for our fellow man. It’d be a sad world, I said, if we shared our love only with people of a certain intellect. But as we all know, leftists are tolerant only on paper, not in practice. They’re tolerant only of those who agree with them.

And that’s the appeal of Palin to me: her very existence proves that today’s leftists are intellectual frauds.

Palin, as noted here last week, raised five children, rose from nothing and lived the role of citizen-politician. She fought corruption in both parties in her state. She battled big oil. She’s grown rich. She’s a symbol of female empowerment to millions of open-minded women. She brought home the bacon and fried it up in a pan.

Real liberals admire those qualities in a woman.

But see, Palin, as also noted here last week, didn’t go to Harvard. She hunts. She’s pro life. She deviates from the illiberal leftist dogma about the place of women in society.

So she’s ridiculed, even “hated,” by today’s intolerant leftists who merely pretend to be liberals.

The intellectual fraudulence of the left was on full display here in Boston this week, the city that once prided itself as the Cradle of Liberty, back when the city’s intelligentsia was comprised of real liberals.

In today’s Boston, the not-so-intelligentsia in the Harvard-Beacon Hill-Boston Globe moonbat alliance is comprised only of imaginary fake “liberals.” Yes, that’s right, I said it. They’re posers and pretenders.

We know they’re fake because, this week in Boston, stupid Sarah Palin exposed each and every one of them as intellectual frauds.


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