Lurita Doan

The Legislative Shakedown

The indiscreet voicemail, left by Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) for a lobbyist, sounded a bit like a “shakedown”, which is no big surprise. I know from first-hand experience that Ms. Norton can use veiled threats and thuggish behavior when

Obama's Strategy: Reward Failure

After three weeks, most Americans still do not understand all of the behind-closed-door deals that had to be cut on the $965 Billion dollar bailout of Greece. It’s yet another complicated deal, with little transparency to let non-governmental folks understand

Obama Jumps the Shark in Michigan

April was a busy month for bad: lame financial reform legislation, served up three days in a row like rancid leftovers, SEC fraud filings, Wall Street Hearings in Congress, Greek bailouts, oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and car

Obama's Newest Goal: Expand the Nanny State

Here we go again. Harry Reid intends to force a vote at 5pm on Monday in a desperate attempt to push yet another bloated bill that will do more harm than good. This time, the Democrats seem to have zeroed

My Advice for Goldman

Welcome, Goldman Sachs, to the growing list of people and companies that have been attacked and demonized by the fickle, Obama Administration to score political points. You certainly did not want to land in the position (no one does), but,

Obama's Newest Villain: Goldman Sachs

The Obama Administration, once again, is in need of a villain to serve as a political piñata, and it is now clear that Goldman Sachs has been selected to fill the villain void. Careful observers will note that Team Obama

Small Businesses Sue Government Goliath

A small business association called the American Small Business League (ASBL) did something unexpected this week. ASBL President, Lloyd Chapman, decided to take the Obama Administration to court and expose the growing divergence between the Administration’s stated goals to meet

Jobless Numbers Show Minorities Crushed by Team Obama Policies

The Obama Administration is putting the best face on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) recent March 2010 jobless numbers report, touting the steady nationwide jobless number of 9.7%. But for minorities, the news is bad and getting worse. The

Deceiver in Chief: Peter Orszag

An unlikely power figure has emerged in the Obama Administration. He’s not a great orator, nor trendy, nor well-known. But, if the ability to influence national leaders, shape a national agenda and influence public opinion are indicators, then, Peter Orszag,

Needed: An English-Democratic Party Dictionary?

This past week in Washington, DC has seen the GOP actively engaged in discussions and strategizing about taking back the House of Representatives and taking back the Senate. But before the GOP, Tea Party, or anyone else, can take back

Avoiding a Long American Occupation of Haiti: Lessons Learned

In December 1908, the President of Haiti, Nord Alexis, attempted one last, desperate, act before leaving office; spiriting his family away to the safety of Jamaica, then New Orleans, to escape the rising tumult in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince.

The Democratic Double-Standard on Race: I've Lived It

Isn’t it finally time for the behind-closed-door racial slurs to die? If our legislators truly do represent the people, then, how is it possible that in this nation, with so many people, of so many different ethnicities and races, an

Al Qaeda's Successful Attack

Everyone keeps saying how lucky we are that the “crotch” bomber on Flight 253 was unable to ignite the explosives hidden in his underwear, but I am sorry to report that the attack was a actually a huge success. The

Obama's Four Flimsy Budget Cutting Ideas

President Obama, in his speech on the economy, given at the Bookings Institute, once again, tried to be all things to all people. Most of the speech was aimed at the dwindling number of devotees who were anxious to hear

Hosting Terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: The New Growth Industry

Lawmakers in New York and Illinois were quick to recognize that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s trial offered a new opportunity to secure billions of additional taxpayer funds. Both states are reeling from the combined effect of economic slowdown and years of

Politics California Style: Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman

The success of the Chicago-style politics of Dick Durbin, Rahm Emmanuel and Barack Obama, characterized by brass knuckles, intense bullying, finger pointing and public attacks has been mesmerizing. Meanwhile, very little attention has been focused on the California-style politics of

China Schools Obama on Free Market Capitalism

It’s okay for the Chinese to lecture President Obama on free market capitalism because he clearly doesn’t understand even the most basic principles of capitalism and needs all the help he can get. What’s not okay is for the Chinese

ObamAmerica: Reign of the Czars

President Obama’s decision to appoint so many czars is clearly troubling members of Congress, who have taken the unusual step of holding hearings on the issue. The decision of the two Senate committees is remarkable because a President’s management style