Young Krohn Veers Left, Finds Acceptance from School and Peers

Young Krohn Veers Left, Finds Acceptance from School and Peers

After another sweltering day of 100 degree temps in the St. Louis area, I got back home from work and dropped down in front of my TV with my evening iced espresso to catch some FOX News. Lo and behold, the child speaker I took a photo of during the 2010 St.Louis Tea Party/9-12 event had flipped his now-teenage mind, swinging left in favor of the entitlement mindset. 

A teenager changing his mind… big shock. I do have one thing to say to all those who bought Jonathan Krohn’s book “Defining Conservatism;” you should be ashamed of yourself!

A 14-year-old trying to define the conservative ideology? Such an ambitious title should have been reserved for someone with experience or a deep reading and research of history, not by a person with such few years of life and struggles under his belt. With all due respect, I am a bit surprised he filled an entire book, yet somehow he did. It really would not surprise me at all if the book was ghostwritten, but I digress.

I must say I found the article about Krohn on Politico from July 2nd truly hilarious–especially the line, “I think I’ve just matured overall.” I don’t know how many of you can remember that far back, but as far as maturity goes, there is not a whole lot of difference between 13 and 17. It is disappointing but not really surprising. Public education is still so chock full of left-wing indoctrination, and with university professors in the vein of Bill Ayers and Elizabeth Warren, you can see why. 

It is also not surprising that some who have celebrity status thrust upon them sacrifice everything for popularity. And with his big plans to go to NYU and pursue a film career, swinging left seems more like giving in to peer pressure than carefully selecting an ideology or philosophy. Just ask Chief Justice Roberts about that one.

If there is anything Krohn should have learned from liberal politicians, it is that when they run out of giving away taxpayer’s money, those same supporters will turn on them in a second. Just look at the troubles of city officials in Detroit working with local unions and the lack of jobs. With a struggling local economy, bloated benefits and wages are bound to get cut. Enter hard reality. 

During his brief bout with conservatism, Krohn did learn the fine art of manipulating a crowd. The young man was granted a great opportunity to speak to the masses, and it is true he struck a cord with many. However, some squander opportunity while others embrace it. It is not surprising that the impressionable mind of a young boy can go astray while searching for what all kids at that age search for: acceptance.

The belief in Christian and Conservative values are hard-tested by the struggles and successes of life, the fight to pull yourself up and start again. Our core beliefs develop not only by being around those who share our beliefs, but they are also solidified by being around those who do not agree with us. Some rise to the challenge, and some cave.

As described by Krohn, he was not around anyone else but conservatives, so attending NYU would require him to stand up for what he wrote in his book and said in his speeches. It is a shame he did not develop the scars of defending his beliefs.


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