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'Breaking Bad' and the Rise of the Sociopath

When, and why, did American television and cinema viewers first fall in love with the Sociopath protagonist? Perhaps the audience was always there, nascent and ready to be born. My current favorite Sociopath television show is AMC’s Breaking Bad, the

Is the GOP Worthy of Governance?

The Democrat Party’s “40 year majority” will come to a close 38 years early. The unbearable trinity of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama has managed to alienate a nation desperate to support new leadership. They accomplished this by an insistence on

'Law and Order' Trashes ACORN Videos

Dick Wolf has fallen from the heights as a writer on “Hill Street Blues,” a supervising producer of “Miami Vice” and the creator/producer of the once-excellent “Law and Order” trilogy. The flagship of the “Law and Order” series is “Law

Prisoners, Body Snatchers and ClimateGate

Spoilers Coming…. AMC’s The Prisoner was awful. The headache inducing flashbacks, incomprehensible sudden and rapid scene changes, incessant and interminable runs through the desert to find the sea, the ever present morose gay son, “11-12,” of “2,” and the lack

Winfrey/Palin Was No Frost/Nixon

Everything about Sarah Palin is magnified, as the current book tour demonstrates. The book was number one the day it appeared for sale on Amazon. All public figures have a larger than life appearance, but it is far more pronounced

'Mad Men' Finale: Bringing It All Back Home

Warning: Spoiler alert! The “Mad Men” finale was a satisfying, although a bit too tidy, end to its 3rd season. When I was 8, my teenage sister introduced me to a card game called “52 Pick-Up.” When I handed her

'CSI: Miami' Attacks ObamaCare Apostate

A friend of mine asked me if I had seen” CSI: Miami” last week. I had not, but he suggested I take a look. He thought I might find something interesting. Warning: Spoiler Alert. Not all television shows have blatant

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter: Real-Life Walt Kowalski

Polish American Walt Kowalski, played to anti-hero perfection by Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, stands against corruption and lawlessness and wins. But not before sacrificing his life. Kowalski is a Korean War veteran and retired auto worker living outside of

'Mad Men' Season 3 Premiere Disappoints

I became a “Sopranos” fan about three or four years after the show first aired. I thought it was great. I went back to rent the first four seasons to catch up and thought they were great too. I would

Return of 'Mad Men'

Sunday, August 16th, begins the third season of the exceptional AMC original series, “Mad Men.” The show is about a private Madison Avenue (hence the “Mad” in “Mad Men”) advertising firm, set in the early 60s. This show somehow touches

What the Democrats Can Learn from the Beatles

Forty years ago this week the cover photo for the “Abbey Road” album was taken, representing the final walk of the Beatles as a rock group. Fourteen days later, on August 22nd, they posed together for a final promotional photo

The Tragi-Comedy of Sonia Sotomayor

“I’m looking through you, where did you go? I thought I knew you, what did I know? You don’t look different, but you have changed. I’m looking through you, you’re not the same.” — Lennon/McCartney: “Rubber Soul,” 1965 When Sonia

Californication and a Girl's Guitar

I have been trying to figure out how to work the Red Hot Chile Peppers’ (RHCP) 1999 hit, Californication, into a blog. I had known and liked the song for some time. Who doesn’t? But other than simply liking the

Hollywood's Silent Spring

The sweet pretty things are in bed now of course. The city fathers, they’re trying to endorse, the reincarnation of Paul Revere’s horse. But the town has no need to be nervous. The ghost of Belle Starr, she hands down

Philosophical Divide: Sarah Palin vs. Pop Culture's Moral Relativists

The Main Point The world view, or philosophical perspective, of Sarah Palin versus say, David Letterman’s or Katie Couric’s, is profound at its core. Not only are the philosophical differences profound, but the political implications of those differences are as

The 'Magic Latina'

Once again, life imitates art as farce. And irony prevails. The Sonia Sotomayor candidacy for Supreme Court Justice is beginning to heat up. There is much to admire about her personal story and success. But she should not be confirmed