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'The Ides of March' – Memories of a Political Junkie

As I sat in the dark watching George Clooney play Mike Morris, the Presidential candidate in ‘The Ides of March,’ I began to tense up. It was all coming back to me now. Campaigns were months of endless days, take-out

'Pan Am' Review: From Sexy Stewardesses to Safety Officers

Last night I watched ABC’s new show “Pan Am” starring Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie and Kelli Garner. I don’t watch new programs too often. It’s like meeting new people and deciding whether to take them into your life. My only

Barack Obama: The 'Use Your Words' President

“Look, we support the troops, we just don’t want them to kill anyone.” -Rosie Connell in response to Bill O’Reilly in An American Carol As a screenwriter, I was able to put those words in the mouth of a loony

'A Face in the Crowd' and a Falling Star

I had this movie fantasy about Obama. He would be whining to his closest associates like David Axelrod or Valerie Jarrett and there would be an open microphone. The American people would finally hear him express his utter disdain for

Why America Loves 'NCIS'

It’s a sign! “NCIS” on CBS has been the No. 1 show on Tuesday nights for four weeks. It is the highest rated show on TV. Why is this important except for advertisers who want to sell products? It is

A Winning 2010 Issue: I'm Not Paying For That

Even the Democrats finally have admitted that Republicans may pick up 25-30 seats in the 2010 Congressional elections. People are angry. We need a creative way of harnessing that anger and giving the voters a weapon to fight the Left’s

Conservatives and the Culture of Resistance

Remember the leftist protest group “Not in Our Name” active during the Bush administration? They believed that the United States over reacted to 9/11 that resulted in the murder of 3000 Americans, by going to war in Afghanistan. “Not in

'The Smile': A Perfect Presidential Nickname

Presidents have nicknames. Clinton was” Bubba” or “Slick Willy,” if you didn’t like him. “The Comeback Kid” if you did. Reagan was “Dutch” from his sportscaster days or “The Gipper” from the movies. But love him or hate him you