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A few months ago, I was given a 3-hour personal tour of the Capitol with a handful of tea party leaders by a Republican Congressman. This tour was different from normal tours as we were able to access the House

#OccupyWallSt Protesters: The Real Astro-Turf

The mainstream media is knocking itself out making comparisons between the Occupy Wall Street protests and the tea party movement. For years, the left has tried to find a left-wing equivalent to the tea party movement without success. Remember the

I, Tea Party Imam, Declare Jihad on Big Spending!

Since the modern tea party movement began February 27th, 2009, leftist ideologues in both political parties have tried to halt the movement. Their tactics are as predictable as they are weak. Their weapon? Name-calling. Why must the supposed elites in

What Has Happened to Liberals In the Past 50 Years?

What has happened to liberals in the past 50 years? A quick perusal of the news each day shows a clear pattern of anti-American behavior and actions by Democrats. We read of Democrat behavior today that would have appalled American

Republicans Shouldn't Take Tea Party for Granted

I recently met with a conservative Texas Congressman. I will not reveal his name because he did not give me permission and because it’s not the first time I have heard what he told me concerning the disappointing performance of

Federal Judge Vinson: Obamacare Not Such a Big @$#*ing Deal!

Remember when President Obama signed into law The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as ObamaCare, surrounded by grinning Democrats? Before approaching the podium, Vice President Joe Biden whispered to Obama, in a gaffe picked up by

President Obama, the Bankrupt Do Not Invest

In the State of the Union speech, President Obama called for numerous “investments.” Most Americans, especially fiscally conservative tea partiers, fully realize “investments” translates from DemocratSpeak to English as “spending.” In his speech, the President called for additional deficit spending

The Shameless Attempts Of The Left To Capitalize On The Arizona Tragedy

Most Americans learning of Saturday’s tragic events in Arizona were shocked and saddened by the violence and senseless murders. Anyone witnessing the political left’s predictable finger pointing and hypocrisy toward the tea party since then became accustomed to these shameless