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#OccupyWallSt Protesters: The Real Astro-Turf


The mainstream media is knocking itself out making comparisons between the Occupy Wall Street protests and the tea party movement. For years, the left has tried to find a left-wing equivalent to the tea party movement without success. Remember the Coffee Party? I didn’t think so.

The protesters in Manhattan and the tea party are 180 degrees apart. This rag-tag group of unwashed, middle-class socialists protesting against corporations and the rich don’t really know why they’re protesting. They just know they want something for free. Lots of free stuff to everyone, except to the wealthy who produce the free stuff, is what the protesters want.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters represent perfectly what liberals, such as Nancy Pelosi, initially labeled the tea party movement in 2009. Pelosi tried to halt the rapid spread of the grass-roots tea party by suggesting it was controlled by the Republican Party and calling it “astro-turf.” That failed as people recognized that the Republican Party is not capable of creating anything with the brilliance of the tea party movement. The Occupy Wall Street protesters are another matter. The strings controlling it run directly to the labor unions and the White House. Obama political advisor Patrick Gaspard, who has worked closely with the ACORN-controlled Working Families Party and the largest local within the Service Employees International Union, has actually advertised on Craigslist to pay protesters to join in the fun taking place in Manhattan. Don’t expect any reporting of this from the mainstream media! They are too busy trying to compare the incomparable Occupy Wall Street to American patriots in the tea party movement.

The differences between the two groups — aside from true grass-roots of the tea party movement vs. the astro-turf, socialists of the Occupy Wall Street protesters — is the political masters of the OWS protesters want to control the money of the wealthy. They call on limiting income, massively taxing the rich and sanctioning corporations to extract more taxes. The laughable demands of Occupy Wall Street consist of a $20 minimum hourly wage, whether one is employed or not, ObamaCare, free college educations for everyone, ending the use of fossil fuels and depending solely on “green” energy, outlawing of national borders, and the forgiveness of any debt held by citizens. No word if the forgiving of debt includes the rich. In essence, the Occupy Wall Street protesters have the same platform as the modern Democrat Party! No surprise, then, that the movement is getting such praise from Democrats and the mainstream media!

The tea party movement wants Americans to be free to spend more of their money how they see fit. Tea party patriots understand that wealth must be created. Contrary to the beliefs of liberals, money does not just suddenly appear to be redistributed by politicians. Tea party patriots see the dangerous threats to our country from years of out-of-control spending in Washington. The Tea Party honors and seeks to return America to the principles that made us the wealthiest and strongest country in history: Constitutionally limited government, free-market capitalism, the rule of law, fiscal and personal responsibility, and national sovereignty.

The left is desperate to stop the massive growth and power of the tea party movement. Every tactic they have used to slow or destroy the tea party movement has failed. Every group liberals have created to counter the tea party has failed. The Occupy Wall Street movement will fail also. Unwashed, socialist kids being manipulated by liberal labor unions and Democrats are no match for American patriots who have spent their lives contributing to the building of this country. The tea party movement is truly the American movement. It was created by American patriots who love their country, believe in its traditions and values, and have an unbending faith in the U.S. Constitution and free-market principles.

There is one other major difference between the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the tea party: Tea party patriots don’t attract flies at their events.


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