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What Has Happened to Liberals In the Past 50 Years?


What has happened to liberals in the past 50 years? A quick perusal of the news each day shows a clear pattern of anti-American behavior and actions by Democrats. We read of Democrat behavior today that would have appalled American liberal statesmen like John Kennedy and Patrick Moynihan. While liberals of 50 years ago stood for generous social programs and higher taxes on the rich, we never doubted their love of America. Today, it is difficult to believe otherwise!

It is clear liberals view America as evil, hateful and a problem for the world. They curse and ridicule traditional values that made America grow from once-poor colonies to the world’s greatest superpower in a few hundred years. A quick viewing of headlines today shows the hatred liberals have for our country and even the desire to strengthen our enemies. For instance:

Liberal wacko Congressman Dennis Kucinich praises Syria murderer Bashad al-Assad

Holder: Justice to Drop Investigations Into CIA Officials Involved in Torture That Democrats advocated investigating these heroes that keep us safe proves my point!

Halt to Deportation of Citizen’s Same-Sex Partner Draws Fire So much for enforcing laws such as the Defense of Marriage Act signed by President Clinton!

CNN: McKinney blasts U.S. on Libya TV

U.S. shifts to closer contact with Egypt Islamists Does anyone really believe we should be doing business with the Muslim Brotherhood or Taliban?

Veterans Allege VA Censoring Prayer Would the VA have banned a Muslim ceremony with the Koran?

Dick Durbin: Illegal Alien Could Become President Instead of enforcing immigration laws, Democrats advocate changing the Constitution!

U.S. Designates Israel as Country That Tends ‘To Promote, Produce, or Protect’ Terrorists The only democracy in the Middle East surrounded by terrorist supporting Islamist states is the problem?

Bill Clinton: Stimulus wasn’t big enough The Stimulus that doubled the debt of America without helping unemployment as promised wasn’t large enough?

Communists and SEIU March in Los Angeles on May Day 2011 Who would have ever thought American labor unions would join hands with Communists?

Study: Republicans More Patriotic Than Democrats

Obama ‘meddles’ in Honduras — and chooses the wrong side Obama and Hillary support Communist would-be dictator over the legislation, Supreme Court and people of Honduras!

There are just a few items in the news this week and a few others off the top of my head that show a troubling pattern by liberals. All things point to an openly-socialist Democrat party that has openly sided with anti-American leftists.

Obama has made it very clear his strategy to win the 2012 election is class-warfare. What a pitiful example of gutter politics! He and the Democrats have recently set their sights on the ‘evil rich’ with private jets. How many people who make $250,000 per year have private jets? My guess is less than zero! And the super-rich who do own private jets already pay the vast majority of taxes in America…plus give jobs to those in the jet industry! Yet, liberals have made the over-taxed Americans making over $250,000 the target of their class hatred and their strategy for remaining in office!

Democrats have shown they are wedded to huge deficit spending and laugh off any serious attempts by Republicans to bring spending in line. The demagoguery of the left has reached epidemic proportions with ludicrous statements like Republicans “throwing Grandma off the cliff” and “declaring war on women” appearing in the propaganda media each day. Even patriots in the tea party movement who call for common-sense principles like free markets, fiscal responsibility and the rule of law are labeled as “right-wing extremists” and “teabaggers” by their liberal leaders!

Our President and Justice Department have sided with foreign countries to sue American states trying to protect themselves against the huge danger and expense of illegal immigration. Those states are out of money and cannot financially support millions of illegals anymore. But the federal government has chosen to willfully ignore immigration laws and reward those who have broken our laws to benefit from the over-generous American welfare system. What other country in the world has open borders and rewards illegal aliens with free healthcare, education, food stamps, and welfare?

Democrats and their liberal friends in the environmental groups have long kept us from drilling our own energy because of desert lizards or other airy excuses that don’t hold water. Meanwhile, the overburdened American worker is paying nearly $4 for gasoline, further sapping their ability to provide for their families. Not to mention the billions we send each year to anti-American oil producing countries that seek our destruction! They must not have desert lizards in the Middle East or Venezuela!

Somewhere along the line, liberals lost their understanding of what made America great. Our country was not built by victims leeching off of the taxpayer. It was built strong and wealthy by producers who worked hard, sacrificed and took responsibility for themselves to give their children a better America. We now have saddled future generations of Americans with trillions of dollars of debt. Hardly the America we inherited!

America will not survive if we do not get back to the traditions and principles that made us strong. Moochers must be returned to production. The rule of law…every law…must be respected and enforced. Entitlements that have produced the tremendous debt burden must be drastically curtailed. And liberals in America must once again return to patriotism and pride in an America that has done so much good for the world.

Last November, Americans retired 63 Democrats showing we are not going to sit idly by as big-spending liberals destroy our country. Democrats must return to the party of Kennedy if they want to have a future say in America. America is not the problem…. modern-day liberals are!


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