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Alfie Evans with his parents

Sam Sorbo: What’s It All About, Socialized Healthcare?

The horror the world witnessed last week with the mistreatment and ultimate death of toddler Alfie Evans was not simply the culmination of a flawed socialized system at work. Government predictably considers individuals as expendable.

paris attackers

Secularism’s Problem With Truth and Terrorism

If someone has good moral values, and is a good person, but doesn’t believe in God, Heaven or Hell, what’s the big deal? At least they aren’t trying to kill anyone.


Sam Sorbo: Co-Existence is Futile

The following is a monologue presented in the opening of The Sam Sorbo Show on November 16, 2015. To listen to the segment, click below.

Barack Obama

Has Obama Just Locked the Cockpit Door?

Andreas Lubitz, copilot on Germanwings flight 9525, waited until his captain left the cockpit, then deliberately locked the door and changed the code. Once that was done, he cold-heartedly programmed the plane into a steep descent. After that, he breathed easy.


A New Year’s Resolution for the White House

I don’t know.

Though we hear it very often, it’s an infuriating turn of phrase, and a choice one in political circles, recently made wildly popular by our president (see President Obama’s ‘I don’t know’ strategy — and its limits, by Chris Cillizza.)