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#NeverTrump Needs to Learn From Clinton Email Whitewash

If anyone, especially those who remain anti-Trump, thought an indictment might save the nation from the churning tornado that is Hillary Clinton, that maybe she’d be replaced by a slightly more palatable Democratic candidate, the finality of Tuesday’s news should settle the matter for good.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during an event at Trump SoHo Hotel, June 22, 2016 in New York City.

Why Populism Is Replacing Conservatism, and Why It’s Winning

Conservatives, however, are undeniably as divided as they’ve ever been, or at least since the Goldwater days. To those who remain anti-Trump, the #NeverTrump crowd, the Republican nominee represents nothing less than a complete abandonment of their principles and the values they consider integral to the fabric of America. To them, a vote for Trump is a vote against civility, decency, and everything they hold dear.

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hold signs on June 16, 2016 at Gilley's in Dallas, Texas.