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9/12 Tea Party: Talking With the 'Turf'

On September 12, 2009, I grabbed my MiniDV camera and moseyed on over to the Tea Party protest in West Los Angeles to chat with some super-charged “Astroturf.” I spoke with numerous varieties from a vast spectrum of turfdom including

Why Amy Fears Obamacare

Most liberals claim to be more “compassionate” than the rest of us. Currently, the “health-care crisis” has topped the left’s “Top 10 Moral Outrages” list. Suddenly, cries to free the latest victim class du jour (“the 47 million”) from their

Let Them Eat Che

Much has been written about Hollywood’s obsession with Communist poster child and fashion icon Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Despite the protestations of those who actually knew and were tortured or persecuted by Che, the stories of hundreds of thousands of Cuban

Og, The Original Forgotten Man

Perhaps it went something like this… Og, Bog, and Grog were out hunting mammoth one day somewhere in the mountains of Prehistoric Europe. Grog’s job was to select the most succulent, Grade A Prime Mammuthus primigenius available in the Mesolithic

How Hollywood Taught Me Not to Behave

As the Obama era commences, I find myself pausing to reflect upon the lessons I’ve learned over the last eight years. Feeling somewhat shell-shocked by the sudden surge of America-love exploding from the far-left corners of the Hollywood universe, I