Vic Holtreman

In Its Final Season 'Smallville' Rips Conservatives

For me, the CW TV series Smallville has always been pretty much a guilty pleasure. Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, for a very long time it devolved into a teenage soap opera. And yes, it’s written with the subtlety of a

'The Other Guys': How NOT To End A Comedy

This is not a not a review of The Other Guys. It’s more of a statement of disbelief. There’s actually some funny history between that film, Big Hollywood and my site – we posted the trailer for it a

As Oil Spreads Across the Gulf, the Feds Chase Movie Pirates

Internet piracy is the scourge of the earth – at least that’s what Hollywood and the MPAA would have us believe. According to them, internet piracy is responsible for babies going hungry, families splitting up and studios going under (MGM,